Scandals in Cicero!

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  • Deborah

    Juan Ochoa without a doubt is the only gentleman that can clean up Cicero; and the people do know and realize that but are afraid due to the very corrupt Larry Dominick and the many awful things he has done. The people know that he and his thugs, including females, are capable of doing even more and will if they have to for the sake of themselves and the many jobs which they will lose.

  • Frank


    Nothing like a good Red herring (logical fallacy in which a clue is intentionally or unintentionally misleading or distracting from the actual issue.) The fact that Mr. Ochoa and Betty continue to use red herrings to lead the people of Cicero to false conclusions is really comical.

    Mr. Lisnek, this is yellow journalism and nothing more. WGN should be ashamed.

  • Ray Hanania

    Paul Lisnek is an unprofessional b-rated writer and attorney. Allowing Betty Loren-Maltese to lie and falsely claim that I and others tried to blow up one of her buildings only reflects on Lisnek's lack of journalism ethics. To allow Betty to lie again and falsely claim that I threatened her daughter is even more ridiculous and only reflects on how pathetic Betty Loren-Maltese really is. She stole $10.6 million from the Town of Cicero and is a Convicted Felon and Paul Lisnek says he admires her and loves her. So sad. You have to wonder who is worse the crook and convicted felon Betty Loren-Maltese or the ethics-lapsed Paul Lisnek. His show is unprofessional.

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