Johnny B. meets his inspiring 95-year-old new buddy Carl

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  • Joan Wieland

    I love your show. What a great song,and such an upbeat man. God bless him. And those push-ups,he beat all of you,he sure is in shape. Have a rematch next year.i am at my friends house,and I wanted to see his picture. Sorry to hear about your mother.keep me laughing. Joan

  • Helen Klimaitis

    Johnny – what a great thing you did for an awesome man. Something non of us will forget. As if he didn't already have bragging rights within the family in doing all those pushups! He truly is an amazing man who inspires us everyday. We are so fortunate to have him in our lives. We are proud of you gramps!

    I also want to send my condolences in the loss of your mom. I know how hard it is to loose someone so close. She is looking down from above. Always treasure the goods times.

    • Kristy Dodge

      Oh my gosh Carl, Joe just heard about you on the radio and told me about this. You did an amazing job. I hope you challenged Johnny B to a tennis match this spring :-)…

  • Virggie Stanton

    "Johnny B., thanks to our 95 year (we can say 'Young At Heart') thoughtful friend Carl, I will look for THE JOHNNY B PODCASTS."

  • Heather

    I think wgn should add another hour to Johnny's show each morning–and make it the Johnny and Carl hour! What an amazing spirit Carl has! Truly a man who loves life and enjoys each and every experience.

    Love your show, Johnny!

  • sue K

    this is the best ever! God Bless you Mr. Bogaard! I wish my dad were still here. Your family is lucky to have you! xo

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