Poverty and minimum wage

Amy Rynell, director of Heartland Alliance, joins Mike to discuss living in poverty and the requirements to qualify for federal assistance. She also mentions the concerns of living on minimum wage and the statistics behind those who work minimum wage jobs.

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  • Eddie B

    Sure struggled with this one Mike. I wonder if you think continuing to subsidize companies like Walmart and others. Which is exactly what we're doing when those company's employees are on public aid. Another point, you like to make the point that when you worked minimum wage jobs you knew what they were and moved on up and out of them in time. That's wonderful of course but now that our new normal, our new jobs replacing those lost, are minimum wage or close jobs. We have architects, engineers, other educated lifelong professionals and tradespeople working in big box stores because those are the jobs available.

    • Mike B.

      Suggesting that public aid is a way of subsidizing minimum wage workers' employers is stupid. Using Walmart as an example of this is also stupid — you're just picking them out of a hat because of their visibility. Would you rather eliminate public aid for the poor if they're employed? There are people who refuse low-paying jobs because they would have to give up the public aid money, the free cell phone, maybe the food stamps and other freebies. It's a difficult problem. Your "points" don't further any discussion of a solution.

  • Eddie B

    Eddie here again, editing ….. "I wonder if you think continuing to subsidize companies like Walmart and others IS A GOOD IDEA …"

    • Mike B.

      It's not an IDEA at all. Kindly restrict your comment to criticism of the public aid program, if you dare. If you feel the government has a public aid program with the intention of subsidizing employers, you're a skeptic by nature. You criticize and never offer good ideas or alternatives.

  • Mike B.

    Amy had a lot of statistics, presumably verifiable facts, but, in my opinion, she made some invalid links between them. She is a proponent of raising the minimum wage and claims it would not adversely effect employment or prices. No mention that it would draw immigrants with no skills or aptitude to improve the fabric of our society. Statistics show that more jobs or a higher minimum wage directly effects the level of illegal immigration.

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