Paul Green and The Second Amendment

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  • Jerry

    Paul, the NRA is a lobbying organization for firearms manufacturers. They don't give a damn about the Constitution or the nation.

  • Jim

    When debating the 2nd amendment I think you need to take into account the time period and weapons available in 1791. The 2nd amendment was about the principle of defending one’s property and the right to own a simple firearm to do so and to organize a group to do so if necessary. When our forefathers wrote the 2nd amendment they were using single shot muskets, pistols and canons. They could never have conceived the deadly high powered automatic weapons that would be available to future generations or how easily they could be misused and how their law would be misinterpreted. Translating what they wrote as a literal right for ANYONE to own and use ANY FIRE ARM as they see fit was NOT what was intended and is very irresponsible.

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