Prayer at Professional Bull Riding


  • shawn

    Wow, if you don't pray before riding a bull, when would you pray? I don't understand an argument against allowing people to pray for the safety of others before such an event.

  • Pray for my children

    I have to agree. Prayer is so important, yet everyone is 'shocked' when they see it in public. What is our country coming to when prayer seems out of the ordinary? Our grandparents must be saddened beyond belief to see what is becoming of our country.

  • D.Schumann

    Prayer is all that the family and friends of bull riders have to offer up to the Lord and have the faith that all will be well. I am the mother of a bull rider and if I didn't give my anxieties over to the Lord, I wouldn't be able to survive his bull riding. Prayer is sometimes all we need!!

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