Caught on tape: Mike McConnell’s girlfriend robbed

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  • robert

    Publicity stunt. My wife of 30 years holds here purse as if it has a $1Mn in it. No sane women or even her man would let their purse out of sight.

  • Ann

    Someone sent me this link because my wallet was stolen in the Panera in Crystal Lake right before the holidays. It was sitting ON THE CHAIR next to me, so I'm not sure if it was taken then or when I stood in line to pick up my food with the purse hanging over my shoulder. There was a couple that was acting a bit suspiciously: The man and woman sat at another table where a woman had left her coat and apologized when she returned to the table. They didn't seem to be eating there. The guy sat next to us and leaned towards us (I thought he was listening in.) Although the man was wearing a hat at the time, he had those large, thick glasses. The woman had a similar haircut and coat. Strange coincidence?

  • Robert Baslin

    Well Mike, that's what you get for moving to Chticago. Now tell those jerks you work for to bring the podcasts back.

  • CURT

    Amen to the podcasts coming back. I sent them an email and got a nice form letter back. If it ain't broke, DON'T FIX IT!

  • Linda Mitcheltree

    That dumbass McConnell probably thought those guys were friendly because they recognized a wgn personality! Welcome to Chicago you blow hard b

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