Jonathon Brandmeier’s tribute to his mother, Hanky

Jonathon Brandmeier’s tribute to his mother, Hanky


The Brandmeier brothers and sister at Hanky’s 81st birthday party.

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  • John

    Dear Brandmeier Family,

    There seems to be some strange parallels in our lives, I'm pretty sure our fathers and mothers died on the same days, my deepest condolences.

    John Lupo

  • Jose'

    Hey Johnny B; Deepest Sympathy to you & your Familia. Hanky's got to be one of the Proudest Moms ever, looking at Picture. You have a Lovely looking Family, "God Bless You All" !!

  • KHL

    Johnny B.,

    My lovely 96-year old young Mom, Mary Ward Hartley, also died in 2012. Like you, I miss my Mom everyday. God Bless our wonderful, beautiful Moms. PS: I listen to you every morning in our bathroom – ha!

    Kathleen (a/k/a "Flo")

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