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  • Sean

    Know your facts Carol. The statement of "illegal guns" on the city streets is completely inaccurate. Those guns were originally purchased legally. Across the country, it is very easy to purchase guns and then "transfer" them without recourse. Perhaps the original purchaser of the guns need to be liable when the gun lands in the wrong hands. If I can be sued as a home owner or car owner when another person injures themself at my home or while driving my car, why not the same for gun owners. Teach responsible gun ownership by suing those who are irresponsible.

  • Scott

    Alex was not melting down, he is speaking for the rest of us. We will not turn in our guns!!!!!!!!!!!! If I want to own an M-4/AR-15 that is my business. If there is a war on terrorism and everyone in this country needs to worry about it, then disarming it would be rather stupid. Or is there no chance of this country being attacked by terrorists. Should this be the case then end the crap of the war on terrorism and bring the troops home.

    • Chris

      Alex acted like a pathetically bullheaded man-child. As a journalist, Alex Jones has a responsibility to critically/accurately digest whatever matter is at hand without allowing his anger/biases to skew that analysis. Jones ascended the stage like an angry YouTube troll, and he absolutely cried about/detracted from every logical point Piers brought up. He yelled, he screamed, he ranted, and he refused to engage Piers in anything resembling a civil discussion. Personally, it looks like Jones, not used to that level of publicity, nervously rehearsed a soapbox speech and verbally diarrhea'ed, too scared to allow Piers to make his point.

    • Dark

      Exactly, Alex knew his time would be cut off any moment once he got down to business, so he just let it all go… like 200 lbs of truth information per second pouring out over mainstream tv… i like it

  • bman

    So what happens when the government decides that we can not grow our own food? Hunt for our own food? Cut our own wood for fuel? Build our own homes? Do anything really without their say so on the matter. What will we do when they are armed to the teeth with federally restricted select fire rifles, not the semi autos they are trying to take away from us, but the actual machine guns. What will we be able to do then when they restrict everything, which if you haven't noticed, they are pretty close to doing. How will we fight back? Has no one in this country noticed that we are going down that route? Or is Kim Kardastupids little kid more important these days than the foundations this country was built off of?

  • Siddigfan

    No one is trying to take guns away from people who are properly trained to use them. Properly trained means training in crisis/combat like training sessions, not Joe Blow my neighbor getting himself a gun and then relying on his video game expertise. Properly trained means month after month of hard core drills to build the brain body connections that turn into instinctive behavior. Police will tell you that, if you let up on that training for more than a couple months you will lose your 'edge', those brain/body connections you've built up. As with most things, 'if you don't use it, you lose it.' Most civilians can't even clear their handguns out of their holsters in a real crisis. They have little to no real training and are more likely to blow off their own foot than to hit the shooter. Can you imagine the crossfire in that dark theatre if everyone there had had a gun and no real training on how to use them? Shooting at paper targets doesn't count. They certainly don't need to add automatic rifles to their arsenals when they can't handle what they've got.

    • bman

      Siddigfan do a little research before typing. You come off as a moron when your statements are all wrong. Google can be your friend. Start with the NFA act.

      • Siddigfan

        Thank you for being so crude when instead you could have tried to kindly help me better understand your point of view. That was a wasted opportunity because I don't generally trust or listen to people who are unkind to me. I hope, in the future, you will be gentler with me as I would really be interested in learning more but I just can't trust someone who is unkind.

  • lulu

    Gun control does not stop crime it creates it because criminals will never follow the laws and pray in gun controlled areas…

  • Daniel

    Its true that Jones went over board with "how" he got the information out. But he got it out, and who knows, maybe now millions more are searching themselves to find out the "truth". I believe this whole thing was to raise awareness, not win a "debate". Search for information YOURSELF on topics such as "New world order" (NWO), Global banking corruption, and maybe take some time to look into a "conspiracy theory". I recommend that EVERYONE who reads this blog looks into checking out the book "Everything you Know is a Lie".

    • Siddigfan

      Respectfully, (and I am not in any way implying that all anti gun control folks think this way!) but every site where I have seen people theorizing about this New World Order thing and the black helicopters etc., they have also been exceedingly anti Semitic and were talking about how reptilian aliens ( I'm not kidding! I couldn't make this kind of stuff up!) have secretly taken control of our gov't. You have to admit that's a little scary. Alex Jones has recently come out as a denier that Sandy Hook took place.How am I supposed to take this kind of thing seriously?

      • jtronpaul

        wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww so because ur heads in the sand we are the crazy ones????? LOL typical zio , u rats jus dont get it , anti sem it ism is a JOKE it does not exist ! i laugh at it as i laugh at u . no one with common sense would ever take such an insulting lie as antisemitism seriously . dont hate us because ur blind ., no need to be jealous now LOL u have to admit , ur thinking is VERY scary . i live near sandy hook . i am a CT resident , AND GUESS WHAT ., I STILL WONT GIVE UP MY FIREARM, WE NEED OUR DEFENSE , BUT SINCE UR A BRIT U DONT GET THAT DO U , LOL how is anyone supposed to take something like u seriously ?

  • IS1111

    Let's get one thing straight here! Piers is not trying to ban guns! He is merely questioning why assault rifles are required.
    I see no logical reason why the average person requires these types of weapons. I heard people suggest they are used for self protection, surely a normal hand gun is sufficient! The only reason you need a gun to protect yourself in the first place is because some other person has a gun, if all guns were banned then the need for a gun would be quashed.
    You guys who support gun rights need to be placed in the position of the recent victims families then ask yourself the question do we really need guns?

    • bman

      The need is to protect ourselves from the government. They get to have the good guns and all we get is a little revolver with 6 rounds? No thanks, I want what they have. Oh wait, we can't because the banned all FULL AUTO machine guns for civilian use.That means we only get to use the semi autos to defend ourselves against them. They take those and we then only have bolt action, lever action, revolver, and single shots to go against the governments FULL AUTO's. Your right that sounds like fun.

      • bman

        Nuts – I did not vote for this shit. Uneducated morons who believe everything the government says voted for this shit. Honestly if more Americans would open their eyes to the corrupt organized Corporations ties with our Government they would be scared of what is going on.

        Conor – Your not an American, probably British as that is the only other national background I would see defending Piers. Our rights are the best in the world. That is why every other nations people go out of their way to become an American. If the Gov did attack us they would use better weapons, we allowed them to ban these weapons from us. Theoretically than ban is against the 2nd amendment. You also must think a little harder about the subject. Maybe it is hard for you to do so as you are so fearful of your government free thought is a scarcity. Why would the military in the US turn on there citizens? I am not sure about your military, but I do not see the US military turning on their own without some if not many switching sides.

        I will close with saying a good government is one that fears the people. If it is the other way around, the people fear the government, it starts to sound a lot like communism.

      • Conor

        The scary thing is, if you think that the government was going to attack you, if they were in any way serious about it you would be dead. No amounts of assault rifles or revolvers would change that. It would be a complete mismatch regardless of the tools you possess. Luckily, the mere concept of that is ridiculous.

        I'm not an American, but consider this – every civilized country in the world unanimously agrees that America's gun laws are a joke. Is it not possible that the vast majority of people globally have a point?

      • Nick

        America: Freedom, equality, democracy…and being ****-scared of your own government.

        If you really need to defend yourself against your own potentially tyrannical government, do you think your high-powered assault rifle would stand any chance whatsoever against weapons they will possess?

      • jttruth

        no i dont , but guess wut , BETTER THAN BEING GODDDAMN DEFENSELESS!

        'those who sacrifice security for liberty, DESERVE NEITHER ' – Franklin

    • Siddigfan

      I personally was repelled by Mr. Jones' performance, especially his mocking of the English accent simply because he was trying to insinuate that just because of the accent, Mr. Morgan was, ipso facto, pompous and arrogant. Mr. Morgan cannot change his accent to suit Mr. Jones' pleasure. As an American with some English ancestry, I was very insulted. Also, I think it was very unkind of Mr. Jones not to provide Mr. Morgan with some kind of shield from the great amount of spittle that Mr. Jones' spattered him with. Thank you.

      • jtronpaul

        well ur prob a stupid brit then , idk wut u want me to tell ya , pierce is a pusssy git an he should gtfo of america , jones wins he was just passionate

  • jtalexjones

    the level of democratic election does not go past state level , our national 'leaders' are picked for us long before we even know them .

  • Siddigfan

    One thing that really scares me is the paranoia that many right wingers seem to have. I went to pro gun site trying to keep an open mind and was literally gobsmacked. They were all saying things like we never landed on the moon, the US gov't under Bush destroyed the twin towers from withing and there were no airplanes, even though everybody saw them, It was a hologram, the gov't is being secretly run by reptilian aliens and/or scary Jew Bankers who own all the media and banks in the whole world and through the UN are getting ready to send black helicopters to enslave the citizens, gays are destroying the free world as we know it although my gay son says he's really sorry he isn't doing his part as he's been pretty busy working two jobs and paying his way through college. I swear I couldn't make this stuff up if I wanted to. And these people want to own assault rifles and worse??? Seriously???

    • jt23

      oh godd one thing that scares the ever fucking shit out of me is YOU LEFT WINGERS AND YOUR FUNDAMENTAL INABILITY TO COMPREHEND ANYTHING OF IMPORTANCE ! the jew bankers will make u bend over an suck there nasty cock like everyone else u dumb putz . u jus dont get it an that will be ur downfall . dear god does it suck to be someone like u . and ur people wanna ban assault rifles or worse ? seriously ???? LOL wow

      • Siddigfan

        Excuse me? Was your crude foaming at the mouth anti Semitic ( similar to Hitler) obscenity laden rant supposed to make me feel more comfortable about you owning a weapon? Seriously??? Are you a white supremacist by any chance? Just asking…

      • jtronpaul

        lmao antisemitism is a joke and i laugh at it as i laugh at u , antisemitism is a political weapon used by zio's to end discussion . dry kid , ur mind control dont work on me boy . r u a socialist putz coward , ya guess u are , rofl .

        oh an btw , ur the perfect example as to WHY jones wins , and if u cant figure that out , u truly are lost , LOL

      • jtronpaul

        r u a blind pro zio? guess u are , my pity to u as such , btw antisemitism is a joke , it does not exist , i do not recognize it and neither does any living creature with half a brain , kthnx bye

  • jtronpaul

    no no i wont make it clearer , if ur an american u can see the truth an ur on alex side , if ur a dumb brit well its obvious who ur side is , LOL

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