Assault weapons ban

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  • judy deam

    The 2nd amendment is really not the issue. It is deregulation as it was with the mortgage-helter-skelter-lending-business leading to the recession. We have deregulated this power-loving, danger-loving symbol, the GUN, for human nature to rear its ugly head and all the killings are the result. The mass availability of guns left unchecked has allowed guns in the hands of all kinds of people. What is the message of a gun to "all kinds of people?" Not just to defend oneself. The temptation to bang bang your dead has got to be a thought to every gun owner, especially the disconnected. This is why we have government as well. To protect ourselves from ourselves. When the 2nd amendment was created, there probably was not the easily accessability and mass proliferation of guns as we have had for awhile now (for people who keep touting the 2nd amendment rights laying the groundwork). Now we have a huge problem with all the guns out there. Blah Blah the 2nd amendment. We have a gun culture now. How do we work on this gun culture? We stop glamorizing it. We stop making it available. It is available no matter what now, but why should we make it easy to get them. Especially an assault rifle. Absolutely should be difficult if not impossible to get.

    • Zack

      Please educate yourself. You would be screwed if you were not protected by firearms. If you did not realize it, Police, Military, and even CCW Holders could save your life.

  • SGT. Bailey

    WOW Sir you really do not have a clue about firearms or their owners, or economics or regulation in this country. Please educate yourself and then try to write something based in reality.

    • SGT. Bailey

      Sorry I meant Mam as I see your name is Judy. Oh and if it's not a second Amendment issue then why has our federal court stepped in on several of these ridiculous laws.

  • Mike P

    the reality is that at the time the U.S.Constitution was adopted, most households maintained firearms, for a variety of purposes, including self defense and for mutual defense.Under federal statute, the militia is defined as that body of citizens who are not members of the organized military, meaning all of us. I would also note that at the time, most of the 13 original states had militia laws on the books that required household to maintain firearms suiltable for military use and requiring the householders to present themselves monthly to drill and display their proficiency with those same military styled firearms.

  • Judy Deam

    All the education that I need to know about guns is that mostly innocent people are dying every time I turn on the news. Somehow, there's a huge disconnect on what these firearms mean to their owners (the one's who kill daily), it doesn't seem to matter the economics and the regulations seem to allow one new killer after the next. If all these innocent people wouldn't be dying, I would say, people are respecting others and the purpose/needs of their guns so there wouldn't be an issue. Freedom is good when responsible. When mortgage-lending businesses abused system, freedom's at stake because messing with our country's economy. When people, especially in cities throughout the country, abuse each other, it messes with safety and security therefore freedom of country. Main thing I know is that I can't see anything other than a person born then trying to make a good life for themself when their picture is shown,day after day, poof/gone, who cares. Guess I do. Education and psychology of the GUN – blecch. Things go too far…my wish is for smarter "freedom"

    • Arthur Williamson

      I am pretty sure that most firearms owners do not "kill daily". Your grammar is just as bad as your common sense. Thanks for your comments.

    • Carol

      Of the innocent people who are dying every day, 85 million American gun owners did NOT shoot anyone yesterday. The law abiding, gun owning citizens are not the ones doing these killings. It is the criminals who won't follow any "gun ban", anyway. The criminals are never going to follow the rules/laws. Gun free zones say to the psychopath, "We are totally unarmed here. You will meet no resistance". And the criminal isn't going to think, "Whoa! Wait! This is a gun free zone. I better not enter here with a gun."

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