Top TV of 2012

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  • al sherer

    This podcast segment is in the wrong format for iTunes to download it to the computer or iPhone. This updated site design, in Flash, also does not allow it to download in mpeg format as it used to — so that it can be moved to iTunes and turned into a podcast file with the proper settings to copy to the phone to play.

  • Amanda From Michigan

    I hope this isn't the way things are going to be. I have listened to iTunes for eons and Nick is my favorite podcast!

  • Maureen Phalen

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I know there are changes at WGN radio now that The Tribune Company is out of bankruptcy, but this new website, to quote the kids, sucks. And why can't we hear podcasts of whole segments of Nick's show like before the changes?

  • Steve Kolvitz

    I agree with Maureen Phalen. Please let us listen to the whole show not just 2 or 3 short segments

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