Reality TV’s Impact on Relationships

As part of the weekly showbiz report, David Plummer of Windy City Live and Bill Leff were reviewing some of the break-ups in the news, leading them into a conversation about reality TV’s impact on relationships.

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  • catharine campe

    LOve Biff Leff, hope he is here to stay – such a disjointed station right now. If Nick Digilio is on any more, I'm done. Don't want to hear every listener's favoite song, movie, showbiz stuff, stuff, stuff. Is there more to life than showbusiness. Might have to rename WGN – does the N stand for Nick? Old time listener but I'm on the brink

  • Mona Stern

    The new WGN web site is terrible. There doesn't seem to be a daily quiz question and this is the first time I've found a way to comment on Bill Leff who is great. Wish he was on in the daytime.

  • Maureen

    Bill Leff is most enjoyable, thought I don't listen to overnight radio….have liked him on the am show….he is definitely an improvement to WGN's recent hires.
    I do also enjoy Mike McConnell and love Gary Meier…

  • Carol

    I dislike the direction WGN radio is going. I'm 60 and have listened since Wally, Eddie, "Link", Uncle Bobby, Spike….now that was WGN and Radio!!!! It was fun listening to and always a good laugh. No more are those days.

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