Pete talks to his sister about McMurray family traditions


  • Austin

    I am really enjoying you replacing Johnny B in the morning. Too bad they don't make you a permanent in that spot!

  • Jim

    Ditto Austin's comment. I didn't listen to Johnny B before he came to WGN, but there are too many times I find his "entertainment" over done. Pete has the right balance for the wake-up time.

  • Judy Kay

    Someone !!!!! Give HIM the morning job ! I leave my radio on at night.. of course i do fall asleep…but I need no alarm. JB comes on, and I HAVE t shut him off. HE is not WGN….sorry, he is probably a nice guy., but tooooooooo intense for 5"30 or 6:00 am.

    I have listened to GN since Wally…..I am sad to see what has happened to it. I can't listen. But this fill in ???? KEEP HIM !

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