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Petcast: Comfort dogs in Newtown

Newtown, Connecticut received lots of assistance after the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School – some of that assistance arrived with four paws and tails, a group of comfort dogs from Lutheran Church Charities from the Chicago area. Tim Hetzner spoke with me from Newtown. The conversation offers great insight into what people in the city are really feeling and saying. And he explained who these dogs are, and what they do if there’s a natural disaster, or a horrific event such as this, where a community cries out for help and how Golden Retrievers are there to answer the call.

It’s an annual tradition, The Barker & Meowsky Pet Person of the Year. Stop the presses, hold your horses (or dog collars) – here, exclusively, Miss Meowsky’s big announcement for the 2012 Person of the Year.


K-9 comfort dogs Chewie (left), Ruthie and Luther, volunteers from Lutheran Church Charities. (Lutheran Church Charities photo)


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