John Williams Says Goodbye

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  • Dave and Donna

    John. We lived in Mpls/St. Paul for 23 years and listened to you then on CCO. We moved to Chicago 14 years ago and were thrilled to find you had moved with us. We've been faithful listeners and love " The Bright Side". We've been contemplating a move back to Mpls. This sews it up – we'll be moving as soon as we can make it work.

  • marshall

    Been listening to WGN from my farm near Macomb since early 1970's. Uncle Bobby, weatherman temstra(sp), newsman Lockman and stinkin' Lincoln made long days on the farm pass by in hilarious enjoyment. Then they did away with noon with max and big O, Spike must have seen the handwriting on the wall, Kathy and Judy,gone! Steve and Johnny, gone! And now John W. If management is trying to change demographics, They have succeeded! You have killed the golden goose!

  • Connie

    Good Luck John! I've been a WGN listener for as long as I remember. After Kathy and Judy left, I timed my runs around your show. Don't know what I'll do now but for sure I'll tune in WCCO on my computer. Like the other commenters, I don't know who WGN is trying to appeal to, but it's not me.

  • Andy

    Glad I travel weekly up to the twin cities for business, because I'll still get to hear "The World of John Williams" and have "CCO tuned-in on my radio!

  • jeanette

    The IQ level of WGN has dropped to below listening level with the loss of John Williams and Milt Rosenberg.
    Best of luck to John and his family as they move to the land of ice and snow and Viking football.
    John, you were greatly admired by your audience for your wit and abilty to communicate.
    Thanks for the years of good radio!!!

  • Judy Thomas

    Best of luck in MN. I have listened to you ever since you came to WGN. You are the best and no one can replace you!!! With your departure, there is no one else to listen to on the radio, with the exception of Bill Leff. It breaks my heart to give up WGN after 35 plus years of listening, but I am so glad I can continue to listen to you every day on WCCO. You are the best.

  • Anonymous

    I will follow John to WCCO. I listen to Lou. I listen to Max and Orion. Brian and Nick are good. But, more and more, I’m finding other ways to get my info and commentaries on life. I still pull out my Bob Collins Memorial Songbook & Record Album and laugh. Best of luck to you John.

  • Grace

    Good luck to JW in Minn, I will miss you along with a huge number of people. Like so many others have said , I am all done with WGN. I tried listening to the clown in the morning, but all he does is scream and usually makes no sense, The next one, MC, just seems to think he knows everything. I will still listen to Garry, if I remember to change the radio back. WGN has really gone down hill the last few years and it's really a shame. Bring Leff to daytime in place of those other two jerks. Again, good luck John, you are the best and can never be replaced.

  • Dave

    With John leaving, I will only be listening to WGN during the afternoon drive. Brandmeier in the morning makes fun of people and uses that as entertainment, but it is not entertaining. It is cruel! I think about Spike, Kathy & Judy, Steve – what a fun group. We were spoiled the same way we were spoiled by the Bulls and their six championships. You never know how good it is until it is gone.
    Good luck in Minnesota – I will be tuning into your show whenever I can. I will truly miss "The Bright Side of Life". Made me laugh & cry every time. Happy trails, John!

  • Carol

    John, I so agree with everyone else…you will be sorely missed and WGN hasn't been my station since the changes except yours from 1-3. I too say good bye WGN.

  • Gary

    I hope WGN management is reading these comments. They certainly express the feelings of many listeners. They need to hire more personalities such as Spike and John and get rid of those who only think their opinions are the correct ones. I have listened to WGN since the late 50's, but now I don't care if I listen or not (except for Lou on Saturday mornings).

  • Lynne


    I SO loved listening to your show. Goodbye, WGN– You're trying to attract an audience you'll never get. John, the very best wishes to you for your future. When God closes a door He opens a window, for sure, and the next gig may well turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to you. Au revoir – 'till we meet again.

  • Jack

    John, I appreciate the ways you kept us up on what was happening in the greater Chicago area and beyond. The updates and interviews during the Governor's trial were fascinating. Your discussions with Eric Zorn and Mary Schmich were always interesting. Your sincere interest in things like Rev. Brooks and the People's Tree were all so genuine and in keeping with WGN being the Voice of Chicago. You made everything informative, educational, approachable and, of course, entertaining.
    Thank you!

  • Doris Heilman

    John, I missed your last show, visiting my former employer, they are scheduled to close next year. I am
    now listening to your podcast and I want to say you are going to be missed. I now will only listen to
    WGN when, and if, the Blackhawks get to play out the last of the season, and 10:30 am for Steve Dale.
    It is sad when the people who I enjoyed listening to are all gone, now. Best of luck, Minneapolis is a
    great city, I spend may summers there as a young girl. Take care and enjoy your new journey.

  • Elmer Tattersall

    Hi John,
    I only caught the last 10 or so minutes of your show yesterday, a very nice " good bye".
    You will be missed, but we all make choices.
    I couldnt believe how many years you been with WGN, I guess time flies when your having fun.
    I have been 40 plus yr listener to WGN, I have seen many greats come, go or retire.
    You will be there among the greats, I didnt always agree with you, but did respect you.
    I think Gary Meier is doing a great job and my favorite, the other hosts are good as well, I would like to see Steve Cochran come back, Bill Leff deserves a better slot, and the new ( yr or so ) morning drive guy, as far as I am concerned can hit the road. His brother must be program director, I swear he must have 10-15 weeks vac a yr, hes never there ??
    Good luck to you, you will be missed
    Elmer Tattersall
    Peotone, IL

  • Deede

    John, I'm going to miss you! You are the best radio host ever – loved your humorous days, your serious discussion days, your interesting guests, express your view days, and Looking on the Bright Side. I was mad every time your show was cancelled for a Cubs game. I sent a message to WGN management earlier this year and told them John Williams is the best they have and "take good care of him" or you'll lose him. I just read that I can use my IPAD and hear you in Minneapolis!!! Good luck to you and your family, enjoy your new job, and always look on the bright side.

  • Alice

    John, I'm going to miss you also, except for Garry there is no one else to listen to. I would listen to Bill Leff if he were on during the day. I'll no longer listen to WGN & I will follow John on line.

  • Wilma

    I've loved waking up to WGN to Uncle Bobby, Spike, Wally. Walked through the day with Kathy and Judy, John Williams, Steve Cochran. Went to sleep listening to Milt. The morning men are a slap in the face to our intellegience. With a heavy heart I realize it's all gone.

  • Peggy

    My connection to WGN goes back to 1973. I didn't think anyone could top Uncle Bobby, but I have to say that John Williams is the best host ever at WGN. I'll be listening to you from Minneapolis on my IPad, John.
    P.S. to WGN management: put Bill Leff on morning drive.

  • Rita

    I can't help but wish you well, John, because you deserve it! I wish Management would read and respond to these posts, but it is doubtful.I have listened for your entire career here and will listen to you in Mn! Your listeners are going with you, not staying with GN!

  • Fred

    I grew up listening to WGN and really became a fan when Uncle Bobby started in the 70s doing his evening show. My radio only had one station and I turned it on in the morning and turned off when I went to bed. I tried listening to the morning cheesehead and after three months of hoping he'd grow on me I discovered NPR and WBBM. John, thank you for introducing me to Presidents Jefferson and Roosevelt. Wishing you all the best !

  • Bob

    I wish you the best, but, you are so one sided at times I thought you would fall over.
    Still, the best to you and your family.
    P.S. don't forget to get new gutters on your new house

  • Ted

    You are a complete idiot.

    Jonathan Brandmeier and Milt Rosenberg (Geat run, Milt- I'll certainly miss you!) are the only two GN people who are not certifiably brain dead.

    Your vacuous and humorless personality is reflected in the above comments of your "fans".
    Someday, when you are wondering why you lasted about 48 hrs in the morning slot, listen to the great Steve Dahl's classic parody of Wally Phillips, sung by Steve, as a helmet- headed older lady from Tinley Park. Garry Meier can find it for you. You would be Wally.

  • Marge Lyons

    I have listened to WGN for about 43 yrs so you can guess I am not a teenager. I tried up until a few weeks ago to listen to Johnnie B sorry I just cant he annoys me and would even if I was twenty just not my kind of radio. I loved John Williams and the others who have left this station. Bill Leff is good and I think he is from Oak Forest where I live. My favorite is Dean Richards but he cant do everything and I love Steve Bertrand. Steve reminds of my son with his dry sense of humor and his intelligence. I hope you come up with someone interesting for Johns spot and then I will continue listening. I realize the powers that be want a younger audience and maybe they will get one now.

  • Gene Wisgowski

    Milt Rosenberg gone!? Listened to Milt for over 30 years! Fantastic program! Best program on radio or TV. And now John Williams too!? I will be searching for a new radio station to listen to. The substance is no longer there.

  • sue cox

    Ditto to everything everyone else has been saying except that doofus, Ted. Have enjoyed listening to you for years. ( Can't believe it's been as long as you say) I also will be listening to you online. Have enjoyed spending time with you the cruises and am looking forward to May. Best wishes to you and Brenda and the boys. Maybe we will come visit the next time we are in Minn.

  • Jim

    Many of the same comments as above. Have listened to WGN for decades until now. My wife and I miss Uncle Bobby, Spike, Kathy and Judy, Steve, and now you. Life won't be the same. Way too much sarcasm and ripping on people. What happened to all the nice people that used to make us laugh at WGN? Somebody at WGN must be reading all these comments.

    Good luck with your new life. God Bless.

  • Cathy

    Goodbye, John. There is no reason left to have WGN programmed on my car radio or on my computer. You were the last of the good ones.

    BTW, I met you at Book of Mormon the other night. You were as wonderful in person as you are on the radio. Thanks for putting up with me going on and on about my nephew who is in the show.

    Wishing you all the best.

  • denise

    I will miss you King John! You helped me through many a late afternoon and evening. I would be dead tired after a day at work and still have to make supper, wash dishes, laundry, help with homework. It was all easier as I laughed and cried with you. Like many others I sat in the car, to finish listening to a segment before going in. I grew up with Wally, Bill Burk, Uncle Bobbie, and then Spike, Kathy and Judy, and JW. Thanks for all the great times.
    And I join with many others-get rid of that fool in the morning!

  • Julie

    John, Best Wishes to you and your family. Our family was devastated to learn you were leaving WGN. It almost seemed as if we we're losing part of our family. You've given us so many years of intelligent conversations…and we thank you for that. WCCO is gaining a class act! Take care…we'll miss you!

  • Emilie Marini

    I echo all the previous comments from your listeners. You are a great radio personality and will be so missed. I can't even imagine WGN without you. 12 to 3 will never be the same in my house again! I wish you all the best in MN – but, if it doesn't work out, please come back!

  • Wes From South Bend

    John was a little left leaning in my eyes…But, I spent most everyday listening…I will miss his wit and humor..He did seem like a very decent and well meaning guy…thanks to Leslie Keiling for keeping him centered. I will miss him reguardless of our political differences…As for the rest of you guys, who want to leave Wgn…Garry Meier owns the air…and don't forget Nick D. Both kick butt radio guys who are on Gn…We do have something to be thankful for as far as the station goes….Goodbye John…best wishes…It has been a pleaure (for the most part..90%) to have you in my and our, day..Merry Christmas!!

  • Rhonda

    I too will miss John Williams….his show was always top notch. Wcco is lucky to have him. As for Wgn listening now, there really isn't much left. JB in the morning is too unfocused. I feel like he never really listens to his guests or callers..its like he is an ADD personality. Greatly dislike McConnell…very opinionated and dismissive when you disagree with him. Gary Meier , Brian Noonan and Bill Leff are the only enjoyable weekday personalities left . Nick Digilio is downright offensive. On the weekend Lou and Dean are the only ones worth listening to. I join the majority of folks leaving comments that indicate WGN will no longer be the all day station to listen to.

  • Alice

    John, you will be missed. I thoroughly enjoyed your morning show and was upset when you were moved to the afternoon but did catch you afternoon show whenever I could. I began listening to WGN with Wally Phillips and have been a listener ever since. However, I can't go with the morning guy and never will, so I don't turn GN on until 9:00am. I miss Kathy and Judy and now you, John. The very best to you in your new venture, where I'm sure you'll make everyone smile as you did at WGN.

  • Roger

    Sorry to see you go John. I wish you the best. Thank you for all the many hours of entertainment you provided. I listened to you everyday.

    Not to WGN…………I make it a practice never to turn on your station until 9:00 AM……..the morning guy has got to go……sounds like a show for little kids and even they are probably more intelligent.

  • David

    WGN Radio management has freedom to make changes to it's lineup and personalities. It was not done the right way. They could have kept the legends like Steve & Johnnie and Milt Rosenberg's Extension 720. What they should have done is opt out of the personalities at WGN who have only been there a shorter time. It's understandable as John Williams was doing too many shows and wanting to head to the Twin Cities They could cut down to maybe one host on WGN Sports Night which airs from 7PM to 10PM. It's understandable that WGN had to make some cuts but do not get rid of your talent that had been there for say 25 years or more. There are other methods. Honestly, the legends such as Steve and Johnnie and Milt Rosenberg could capture a younger audience for educational purposes as well.

  • Sue

    I will never understand what WGN has been trying to do by replacing interesting and enjoyable hosts with people that have nothing to say. I began listening to WGN 10 years ago, all day, parts of the night, and on weekends. Lately I've only been able to listen to John and Lou. There is nothing left for me now on this station. BORING. You've replaced intelligence with noise. Sorry to see you go, John. I hope I can find you online at your new station. Good-bye WGN, hello public radio.

  • Kathleen


  • Sue

    I forgot to write on my other post that you, John. are the very best interviewer I have ever heard. Many times I've been extremely impressed that you would not let someone sideswipe a question. You go back to them until you get your questions answered. Must you really go?

  • Laura

    John,,,will miss you alot. You were part of our family. So sad what is happening to WGN….been a listener for many, many years. Except for Gary and Lou, no reason to turn on WGN anymore. Will find you on the internet. Good luck to you and your family and THANKS .

  • johnnathanconrad

    I've got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is Milt and John have left WGN.
    The good news is they did'nt hire Jennifer Wiegel.

    Good luck fellows.

  • Barbara

    I have been a listener to WGN all my adult life…can not believe what the station has evolved into. WGN was a slice of American Pie…no more, whoever is making deisions as to the direction they want the station to go….should be banned from radio, at least here in Chicago. Nothing left here.The end of a family tradition for all of our family, as family members of ALL ages listened….but no more! there are plenty of other stations that have nut jobs on as "host"…..we didn't need another!

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