Weather forecast: Snow on the way

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  • Linda

    What's the temp, wind speed, which direction is it from. There is nothing on here except commercials.
    Time to read the paper!!!

  • Jennifer

    What is with the new site format? It looks like someone got lazy and forgot to finish it. Lots of advertisements; is this part of the 'new' WGN? Disappointing…..

  • Craig

    What happened to your original site???
    It provided a lot more information and news!
    Is the "New Age Geeks" taking over "GN" ????


  • Keith Lee

    WGN has screwed up their radio station, now they have really screwed up their web site. I could send my 7 year old grand daughter to fix it! Time to delete this bookmark and preset on my radio after 45 years!

  • Pennie

    Now that John is gone, along with the News Click, I don't have to worrry about checking the website because it doesn't have any news. I'm now looking for an online news/weather source. WVPE, my area NPR station, is my weekday listening goto, and I'll be a strictly weekend WGN listener for Lou, Bill, and Dean.

  • Tom Kendall

    From the header to this section:

    3 days ago
    Weather forecast: Snow on the way

    The original forecast was put on the website on Thursday; it's now Sunday. THIS is news? Or is the WGN website now an "archive" of out-of-date, stale news bits?

    Hint: if you pay more than minimum wage, you just might get a competent web designer and webmaster to keep this mess updated.

    Hill, you should be embarassed and ashamed for such a tawdry, incompetent website. I've seen better websites for AM-daytimer stations out in the deep boonies. But never for a 50,000 watt blowtorch.

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