Christmas traditions

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  • Maeby

    Mike! My dad said that you had never heard a version of the Twelve Days of Christmas that you liked and I wanted you to check out this one

  • Mary Hummel

    Hey MIke, finally listening on the internet to you since you left Cincy!!! Was wondering if youre going to share your "Christmas story"!!! Love it. Ive noticed you sound a lot happier and umm, friendlier in Chicago! I always tell everyone, youre the smartest man alive! Mary

  • Joanne Benes

    I don't know if this is the right venue for what I have to say, but I was listening to you talk about childhood Christmas memories and I remember that as a child growing up on a farm, money was scarce. But my Dad made sure we had the best Christmas's. It was wonderful. I didn't realize until much later in life that as a child he never had a Christmas and this was his way of reliving what he never had. I am 81 now but at this time of the year I think of him and tears begin to flow. I even remember getting an Orphan Annie electric stove. A real stove, it is a wonder nothing happened, I can still see those little glowing coils in the burners.
    Thanks for listening.

    Joanne Benes, Elm Grove, Wisconsin

  • Norm

    I found a "M.McConnell podcast link with Feedburner: You have to right click on "Play NOw" and save to PC, in MP3 format.
    Good luck

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