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sitelaunchimageWelcome to the new WGN Radio website.

Along with the sites for our sister stations in Tribune Broadcasting, the move to this new site platform and design offers a number of significant improvements. Included among them are:

Responsive design: The new WGN Radio website will automatically adjust itself to display properly whether you are visiting from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet device like an iPad, or a browser on a smartphone.  The page layout will adjust depending on your device to provide the ideal interactive experience, yet all devices will share the same content.

Podcast improvements: The previous version of our site had some weaknesses when it came to podcasts, including the inability of podcasts to play on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and podcasts not appearing in site search results.  These flaws have now been corrected.  In addition, we have streamlined our podcast offerings.  Shows will now focus on bite-sized segments to allow you to get directly the best portions of your favorite programs.

Clutter-free design: One of the most frequent comments we heard from you regarding our previous site was that it had too much clutter, especially on the front page.  The new site removes all the clutter.  There are fewer items and those that remain are larger and easier to navigate.  The front page is divided in to a top section with our biggest items of the moment, followed by an ever-changing section that will update throughout the day as new podcasts and other items are added to the site. Links to interact with show hosts via Facebook and Twitter are also prominently displayed throughout the site.

As with any major change like this, we expect to be making adjustments over the weeks ahead, and look forward to your feedback during that process.  Send your comments to comments@wgnradio.com or call 312-222-3879. Due to the volume of calls and e-mails, we may not be able to personally reply to all messages. We hope you enjoy this new look and continue to visit wgnradio.com and listen to The Voice of Chicago, 720 WGN!


  • Chris Puszynski

    Now that you have eliminated Milt Rosenberg's program you offer no intelligent programming. Very disappointed.

  • Lee

    Over the past year, as a faithful Milt Rosenberg listener, I was starting to listen to WGN regularly, but no more. Rosenberg AXED; John Williams AXED. And it is criminal you've wiped Milt Rosenberg off the face of the internet. I don't listen to WGN radio any longer. Bring the Rosenberg show back, and restore the podcasts!

  • Chris

    I live in CA now, and I loved the Brandmeier full-show podcasts. I was listening every day. Please bring them back.

  • D Sharp

    Who's the "marketing genius" who decided to jettison Milt Rosenberg and, if that weren't bad enough, also toss out his extensive podcast archives? What a disaster. I'm through with WGN. Milt's show was a rare oasis of brilliance is what is otherwise a wasteland known as commercial radio in general and WGN in particular. Now there's just the wasteland. I'm done with WGN.

  • greg corsten

    I used to be a listener. now I search the internet to try to find podcasts of milt Rosenberg's shows. I wish I had known about his program sooner. I don't understand why you deleted all of his shows from your website. it seems like a purge worthy of Stalin. why do you hate Milt and his fans so much?

  • Bob C

    Sorry, but these changes to your talent lineup and the podcast snippet policy is myopic only to the bottom line. I understand that stations need to generate profit, but did you do your market research? Did you know how many longtime listeners and fans you were going to effect negatively, and permanently? Did you know that you already HAD A NICHE in a already crowded radio market full of fluff an crap? Well, any unique qualities WGN had amongst ALL of the listening audience has now flown out the window. Nick, Dean, and the Sportsnight crew are the only things left to listen to, and they aren't in primetime slots. Are you trying to become AM 1000 circa 1987? Sorry, but times, and listener attitudes, have adjusted. Just my opinion on what's happening to a once great station.


    The new website is a disaster; there is no longer a way to contact management or on-air personalities via simple email. Carol Roth is atrocious and excruciatingly boring at noon – I switch to WBBM during that hour. Finally, I will no longer be listening to Jonathan Brandmeier. Al Roker was nice enough to provide him with an impromptu interview this morning. Of course, being the crass bully that he is, Brandmeier pushed the topic of Mr. Roker's now infamous incident at the White House. I immediately turned him off and will no longer listen to WGN in the morning until you put someone in that time slot with the class of someone like Spike. It would be my guess that the majority of your listeners are older, educated and listen to talk radio for intelligent, informative conversation. We are not 15 to 20 year olds who find shows like "Family Guy," to be intellectually stimulating. Find more talent like Mike McConnell, please!

    • caseymarie22

      I agree with everything you have said here. I'm a 21 year old female. I do have to say this though; I do not find Family Guy to be intellectually stimulating. I am disappointed as a young listener in general with the changes on the radio and the website. But I just wanted to let you know that not every young person is happy with this change. In fact, I have found it to be an extremely hard adjustment.

  • Rik Kristinat

    I do hope someone "higher up" is listening to Turi in the evening. Last night was just one of the most tasteless shows I have ever heard on WGN! She has no ability when it comes to interviewing guests. She just talks right over them and is constantly referring to herself. She cuts them off before they even can end an interview. Milt was truly not one of my favorites but at least he was able to handle an interview. And who's idea was it to make us wait an extra hour before we can listen at least to some of the intelligent and humorous Bill Leff. How long before we find our who will replace Turi Ryder!

  • caseymarie22

    I have grown up listening to WGN and now I am 21. I feel the need to bring this to the Executives attention. My assumption is that this new layout, lineup, and every other change that has recently happened is a test to 'out with the old, in with the new'. However; it is not that to me, a young listener. I'm so frustrated with what has happened lately that I feel I need to once again express how a feel. These last few years have been extremely difficult for me and at night I would turn on Steve and Johnnie and they would take away my homesickness. I would turn on John Williams to give me a laugh. I would listen to Mike and Spike … but more importantly learn lessons as a young scholar from Milt. For the several years that I have missed, you took them all away from me. I'm a senior in college this year and feel my life is changing so rapidly. I listened to WGN radio because it was a constant in my life. But when I went to the website to check up on the latest news or listen to a podcast because I was in class, it has disappeared. I know what it is like to lose a family member or someone close to you. That is what I feel like now. I am so upset and disappointed that it is hard for me to turn the dial to WGN. When I do, it is only for a select few. This post isn't about which people I liked to listen to, It is about the listeners – Particularly young ones like me. My parents raised me to listen to WGN because it was Gold….Now it is nothing of the sort. You need to preserve the history of WGN and not taint it as you have done. Thank you for your time.

  • Tom

    Congratulations!!! You score a 10 on the YUCK factor.
    With all the in house talent you had you chose to dismantle a winning team.
    TOO BAD for all us morning and evening folkes..

  • mary

    the new website is horrible. where is the news? abbreviated podcasts are a joke. my favorite, karen conti only gets an hour on sunday night,,,oh well

  • linda

    Hate the new format. Used to listen all the time when I lived in Illinois. Still listen online. Can't believe you got rid of Kathy & Judy and John! What a shame! Can take or leave Mike McConnell! Love Garry.

  • Char

    Used to love your radio station, especially when in the car. I do not like to listen to constant negativity. Your noon hour is full of critcal comments. John Williams had a good mixture of fun, serious and opinions. You have totally screwed up your programming! Now I don't listen until 3PM. What were you thinking?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • Diane Onorato

    Hate people who only have negative comments – now I AM those people! Hate the new web site, hate the programming. Accidently heard 3 minutes of 11am hour broadcast today – Joe Walsh was being "interviewed." Just confirms for me that wgn is no longer interested in keeping me as a listener, in spite of my 40 or 50 year history.

  • Guest

    I was a true blue listener for many years and then you had to go a make changes. I was okay with Garry but the other changes made me change to a different radio station. Now I listen to 560-also why didn't you send Steve B(news) and Dean R. on their marry way out the door.

  • MSchultz62000

    Add me to the list. I'm a remote listener, living in NC. I transplanted from WI, where I listened to WGN for over 30 years… The legacy of intelligent community centered radio is destroyed. I loved listening to Nick Degilio and Milt Rosenberg podcasts. I would happily listen to commercials within those pod cats if given the opportunity. What you have left us with is useless, and insulting.

  • Marengo Listener

    Dear WGN,
    Your new formats, personalities, and design are tragic. Replacing brilliant perspective via Milt Rosenberg with a melancholy persona in need of intense therapy was disheartening.

    The sole remaining bright light on your station is Sportsnight. That's it.

    Sorry, but losing such quality radio was like losing a family member. I am tuning out now. Sorry.

  • Ted

    Clearly someone is reinventing this station to appeal to a new demographic…one that I am not going to listen to..great job on the dumbing down and destruction of an American Institution..I miss Milt terribly..this 40 year old is clearly bummed!!!

  • doccmccarthy

    Wow-John Williams is gone and the other Jon has gained more hours -God Help us. Just today (1-30-13) Jon B. did an interview with the County Sheriff of Milwaukee about citizen rights to arm themselves. All Jon could do was repeat-repeat-repeat his questions to the sheriff in a very childish way. This guy does not know how to interview people and doesn't have a clue what the general public cares about. Please replace Jon B. with a person who is smart and knowledge about current events. I find myself switching the channels in the morning and hoping Jon B. has been replaced. What is happening to WGN????

  • doccmccarthy

    Please replace Jon B. he is past the prime— he is not Funnnnnny…. Does he ever listen to the news or read a news paper??????

  • Mike and Carolyn

    why doesn't the administrator want to post my last two comments? did they hit too close to home? CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike and Carolyn

    Just so everyone knows they were about dum and dummer (johnny b and buzz) dumming down their audience which seems to be what wgn is trying to do.

  • Jacq

    Johnny B needs to go
    He wears out a topic, just like this last one with the old lady and her phone messages.
    WGN needs some new blood
    Gary Meyer is the only one worth anything on your programming
    Kathy and Judy were way better than this Johnny B !!! Go back to Fond Du Lac Johnny B

    • WGoNe

      When a guy runs out of toilet jokes has to wear out his other "A" material. JB is a mouth with no imagination behind it.

  • D. Sharp

    Bring back Milt Rosenberg! Bring back Milt! Bring back Milt! He had the best show on radio. It was brilliant, engaging, thoughtful.Bring it back! If you don't bring him back, I hope he quickly finds a home either on another radio station or by putting out his own podcast. That giant sucking sound you'll hear will be the audience leaving WGN and flocking to wherever Milt turns up with a new show.

  • Mike Szluka

    I was listening today on Mike McConnel’s show about some people being offended by
    Alisha Keys sitting at the piano while singing the National Anthem. That’s nothing. What offends me is the crowd at Black Hawk games screaming and yelling about half way through the Star Spangled Banner. I am a hockey fan, but that really sets me off.

  • P. Lester

    I had the occasion to hear the gal that took over Milts place recently, OMG, is she awful! Mindless dribble. She about about as entertaining as listening to some old, dry, school lecture. I don't know were your finding these new people, but you need to stop. And if McConnell is the best thing on the station from some of the comments I've read, the station is really at a new low. I'd rather listen static than your current line-up, it's more entertaining.

  • Paula

    Bill Leff is a great guy and has an interesting show. Any particular reason he is on so late? That's when brandmeier should be on.

    Ms Ryder is very boring and needs immediate medical attention for that nasal problem. Could you have considered nick d for that spot?

  • Maureen Cook

    Why is Nick D still on the air? You got rid of all the great talk show hosts, and you keep Nick? He has only worked at WGN. He is so obnuxous. Give him a boot in the but just like you did everyone else My WGN is gone. Please don't loose the Cubs too!!!!!!!!

    • Pappy

      I really like Nick, but if you are not into movies and pop culture, I can understand why you may not care for his show. He has more followers on his Facebook than any other host on the station, so that may answer you question as to why he is still on, a lot of people like him.

  • jerry

    Bring back Extension 720 podcasts and charge a monthly or yearly fee or insert ads–make some money and bring listeners back to the station.

  • cass

    I commented 7 weeks ago…. Management please respond and take responsibility for your changes! Stand up for yourself and at least explain the changes. Do you read these comments? Are you listening? Your audience is angry and you need to respond. Your lineup is awful and you canned the best. What in Gods name are you up to?

  • d t

    Please put Bill Leff on an earlier time slot. I listen on internet radio in Phoenix Az. and he is the main reason I listen to WGN, but he keeps me up all night!! I need my sleep

  • SDT

    WGN has lost me as a listener. The only intelligent hosts are Dean Richard and Nick D. The rest are either insipid and or boring. Where is the class that was WGN in the past? Milt Rosenberg had the most interesting show on the air. Gone without even a kiss my….. after years of bringing great programs to the listeners. Do you really think people are still listening to the morning shows? JB is offensive. I used to run my mornings by your great shows and news and listen to Milt at night. Now I search for Nick and listen to Dean–even though you put him on at the crack of dawn on Sunday. To which demographic do you think you are appealing??? Uneducated boobs? Management should not only be ashamed but also replaced with some thinking, intelligent people who have the desire to respond to a once faithful audience worldwide. I am certain your numbers can no longer reflect that status. Good-bye WGN.

  • larry

    Why doesn't Illinois ever mention that so many proposed gun laws are already on the books…FOID card,which means you passed a State Police background check., is required to purchase a firearm and ammo…it is also required at Gun Shows…private sales require recording, among other data ,purchser and seller FOID numbers…these records must be retained…"straw purchasing" must be disclosed on application to purchase…I wonder if Illinois keeps their gun laws on the QT because they don't enforce them…either they cannot, will not, or they simply generated revenue and look nice….now Illinois wants to pass more…all intended to be obeyed by those of us who already do just that!

  • Elaine

    The morning show in particular with Johnny B turned me off to WGN.. I was a faithful listener to the morning show since the days of Wally Phillips. Now I only listen to the morning spot if and when someone is sitting in for Johnny B. His show is raunchy.

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  • WGoNe

    A significant discovery in physics was made this week. I was saddened to realize that Milt won't be discussing it. McConnell might but his format doesn't go deep. I realized even NPR won't go as deep as Milt. John Bachelor? Coast to Coast? Nobody goes as deep as Milt. Humanity itself is darker because you cancelled Milt.

  • Mike

    It has been my experience that the management of most modern radio stations have little interest in broadcasting, but in building their golden parachutes, and rarely even listen to their own station. I have listened to WGN almost all my life. It offered programming on a level unavailable anywhere. Webnight Wednesday and X720 were musts. Now a "happy talk" bore, providing no real information or entertainment. I can only wish that the brain-dead suites running WGN radio get fired ASAP, but doubt it.

  • Kathy Brown

    Why has WGN taken away our ability to email the on-air personalities? I wanted to respond to a caller from Mike McConnell's show yesterday. The caller felt he was entitled to a $20 tip for delivering appliances. I wish Mike would of challenged that neanderthal. What makes him think that someone who lives in a million dollar house didn't work his/her butt off to get ahead in life. Why should that person pay someone else for doing his job?! My answer to people who complain about their station in life is, "If you settle for less, then that's exactly what you deserve!"

  • Caroline Brown

    Brandmeir is god awful..waste of air time…Mike Mc Connell for 3 hrs at least. Please don't start the day with that fool.. When I heard on Gary Meier that Andrea Darlis was going to do news,I tuned in. Love her covereage and voice. I would rather listen to Andrea and Mary Vandeval all day than 2 minutes of that babbling idiot you can't even understand He must have ADD. I thought when langenmeyer was fired Wert would fix the scheduling.I said good-by when Kathy and Judy were fired and Greg Jarrett was the icing on the cake. LOVE Gary Meier,at least he is clever and fun. OOH for Bob and Spike.

  • Frank

    WGN has lost social interest of the community it serves. It sounds like FM from the late 70's and early 80's JB and Gary Meier? The most horrible is that woman who is on at night now. Maybe Milt Rosenberg was getting older, but couldn't you have found a better replacement? So long WGN radio.

  • C.V.B.

    Welcome back Steve Cochran! Mornings are sooooooo much better not having to listen to the dribble that comes out of Johnny B. WGN get a clue. Steve is who we want to hear. Keep him on and gain back a lot of listeners.

  • Jan

    Please!!!! Encourage Johnny B. to take more vacations!! It's like listening to a 7th grader! Thanks heavens he wasn't on the air during the crash at San Francisco Airport!!
    Bring back Steve Cochran – PLEASE!

  • Lyn

    How about replacing Garry Meier with Steve Cochran so I don't have to switch stations when I drive home.

  • Doreen

    Oh my goodness, Bob and Marianne are putting me to sleep, BORING. Thank heavens Steve Cochran is back. please give him a slot. Johnnie B is a loud mouth child. Can't stand that he is always late with the news. I never turn on WGN until Gary is on, love him. I will check to see if Steve is on.

  • Ralph Neville

    Why in the hell did you pull Mike McConnell? He's the only reason I listen to your station at all! I sure as hell don't want to hear about all the murders everyday. And having to hear all the talk about ALL of your worthless sports teams just makes me sick! Without Mike I will not be listening to your little radio station!

  • Sheila Minniear

    Today was my last morning with WGN. I have been a constant listener since before Wally Phillips, but no more. J. Brandmeier is absolutely insulting. Speaking of dumbing down of this radio station, you have done this in one swoop, hiring Brandmeier. WGN have a wonderful list of morning drive-in hosts. How could this station stoop so low with the current host. His list of topics which he constantly repeats is disgusting and after listening and turning off your station, I am now looking for a new morning program. Please replace him with someone with some intelligence because he doesn't seem to have any.

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