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sitelaunchimageWelcome to the new WGN Radio website.

Along with the sites for our sister stations in Tribune Broadcasting, the move to this new site platform and design offers a number of significant improvements. Included among them are:

Responsive design: The new WGN Radio website will automatically adjust itself to display properly whether you are visiting from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet device like an iPad, or a browser on a smartphone.  The page layout will adjust depending on your device to provide the ideal interactive experience, yet all devices will share the same content.

Podcast improvements: The previous version of our site had some weaknesses when it came to podcasts, including the inability of podcasts to play on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and podcasts not appearing in site search results.  These flaws have now been corrected.  In addition, we have streamlined our podcast offerings.  Shows will now focus on bite-sized segments to allow you to get directly the best portions of your favorite programs.

Clutter-free design: One of the most frequent comments we heard from you regarding our previous site was that it had too much clutter, especially on the front page.  The new site removes all the clutter.  There are fewer items and those that remain are larger and easier to navigate.  The front page is divided in to a top section with our biggest items of the moment, followed by an ever-changing section that will update throughout the day as new podcasts and other items are added to the site. Links to interact with show hosts via Facebook and Twitter are also prominently displayed throughout the site.

As with any major change like this, we expect to be making adjustments over the weeks ahead, and look forward to your feedback during that process.  Send your comments to comments@wgnradio.com or call 312-222-3879. Due to the volume of calls and e-mails, we may not be able to personally reply to all messages. We hope you enjoy this new look and continue to visit wgnradio.com and listen to The Voice of Chicago, 720 WGN!


  • Frank Cavanaugh

    Johnny B is the worst thing you have ever done and WGN has done some pretty bad things the last several years. I woke up to WGN for decades. No more. Any company that treats their employees the way you have doesn't deserve any more chances.

  • Mike P

    Like most of the above, I find that WGN is no longer interested in my listening. with the demise on Milt & John, I no longer have any reason to listen to WGN during the week. I can only wonder how long before you kill the weekend schedule as well. I listen to Lou comment that he is being taken to task for missing a newscast. The new idiot on in the mornings hasn't hit one on time since he took the air. And God help anyone who thinks that you might get a time hack these days. From a station that was once the pride of the Midwest to a station that cannot be relied upon for timely news and traffic is too much to take.

  • Daniel

    My father is near death and asked me to download several Milt Rosenberg podcasts so he could listen to them in the hospital. WGN rashly and removed all of these podcasts without warning. How sick is that? Shame on you WGN. One of the last pleasures of my father's life and you yanked it like it was contraband. I don't think I'll tell him what you've done as it will only feed his sadness. I'll have to lie to keep his spirits up. Thanks for making me do this WGN. Sounds like you have a tremendous braintrust at work behind the scenes. Please make sure your parents have a peaceful exit from a dreadful disease after a fulfilling life of altruism. Don't rely on a company like WGN. The word shall spread…

    • William

      Daniel – i would be happy to provide you with some archived shows i luckily saved on my computer. Please reply to this comment with your email address.

  • CAL_08

    So who is predetermining the best portions of the shows to determine the podcast improvement?

    "Shows will now focus on bite-sized segments to allow you to get directly the best portions of your favorite programs."

    Sorry, I want to listen to a show about a topic, not just one persons phone call.

  • Anne graham

    Listeners for over 45 years!! Our radio is on all day long. Wgn has been an extended family and we’ve bonded with all the hosts and their families. You have ruined a great station. This week other than dean we know no one and all our favorites are gone. So……sad!

  • Pam

    Why is the storm from LAST THURSDAY STILL ON YOUR NEWS PAGE?????? It sure wasn't that big of a snow storm!!!!! SURELY MORE IMPOTANT THINGS IN CHICAGO AND THE COUNTRY HAVE HAPPENED!! You guys are so pathetic.

  • Bruce Ziech

    You station has taken a turn for the bad. Johnny B does not belong one the air. He acts like a two year old. Not what your station produced in the past. Maybe you should replace him with Pete McMurray. He is much better. Also, use Jill Carlson more, she is better than some of those people you have now.

  • cass

    Management, hear this…silence can be deafening. Apparently, you hearing a lot of it. A thousand negative comments should tell you something about what your listeners are saying about all the crazy changes and bad decisions you are making. But you aren't listening to us or hearing us! Really, Milt was the MOST intelligent voice on the radio and you canned him! John was so loved by this town so what do you do? Yup. Can him. Extend Brandmeir, just brilliant! (4th grade boys, his intended audience? aren't even listening) And who are the idiots on right now? They are imitating Charles Kuralt!! Really! You must not be listening to your own station. What's on WLS? Off to find out!

  • Mark

    I am very upset to hear that Milt Rosenberg has been asked to stop producing his extension 720 program. I am also very upset to see that there is no way to download any of his archived programs or his blog. I trust that you will fix this situation or at least provide Milt's fans with a link where we can at least enjoy what he has already produced over the course of his career. I know that Milt and his producers had extended a great deal of time and energy in trying to resurrect these programs so listeners could download his archived podcasts. due to the speed with which this was done it seems very spiteful and short sighted.

    I am not sure which demographic you think you are appealing to. Due to the mishandling of popular personalities you had already succeeded in losing most of Cathy and Judy fans, replacing them first with Greg Jarret and now with someone else (not sure since I stopped listening during that time slot) Although I liked Johnny B when I was in my 20's and 30's I have now grown up, and have little patience for his sophomoric humor.

    If not for the Cubs, I would have no reason at all to listen to WGN, but from what I read that may also be changing soon

    BTW- when I sent a comment to the station about Milt I received no response………

  • Bruce T.

    First it was dumping Kathy and Judy. Then Meier was hired, then Brandmeier, who isn't a kid but acts like a six year old. Now John Williams and Milt in the same month. Who the hell is making these decisions, monkeys at one of the zoos. I will continue to listen to John on the internet just as I have the last two years and the goes for Milt when he gets a new home. Why not get rid of Lou and Nick and have no one left worth listening to. You people are idiots.

  • Sue

    What ever FOOL is in charge of this new version of WGN radio has made some horrible and unbelievable decisions…..Has management all gone mad??? Pig Virus started it, but it seems that there is more than one Pig Virus, and WGN found them all!!!!…..Goodbye WGN…..I hope you fall flat on your stupid faces.

  • Mary

    This new website is TERRIBLE. I can’t find any news – and the news that there is here is over a werk old!! I’ve been visiting this page to get my Chicago news for years – especially now that i’ve moves out of state. No more!! And I also agree about Johnny B – he is slightly entertaining, but I get sick of it after 10 minutes. This is a channel to get NEWS!! Not some fm entertainment where making fun of people all morning is funny….sad what the station has turned into. I will miss John Williams. Oh, well – judging from all of the comments here and the lack of changes – obviously WGN radio does NOT care what their listeners think at all.

  • Ron Dieter

    I'm shocked to find the complete obliteration of Milt Rosenberg from WGN- even the podcast archives (a national treasure). I'm absolutely sickened and disappointed.
    I have read the all the comments on this page and can't find even ONE favorable to what happening here. Nor did I find any management response.
    Apparently not even the management bothers to come to the website anymore….

  • Loyal Listener Cal

    Offer the snippets to those who want it and then why not offer the full uncut pod cast as well. READ the comments. No one likes the change. You've also cut off out of town listeners who rely on the full pod casts. Why not ad a few commercials to the pod cast and create a new revenue stream. While I liked the commercial free version, it's better than nothing.

  • Sophiaz123

    Bite SIZED podcast is an IMROVEMENT? This is insulting and thumbing noses at your listeners WGN? Some of us live out of state and can only listen via podcast.

    I dont give a rat's face about making things EASIER for smart phones. Smart people like their podcasts in their entirety, not some "suits idea of improvement'. Some of the small banter of things big and small is what MAKES your radio personalities who they are!

    Give me back McConnell for 3 hours. He is back to the host he used to be in Cincy before Clear Channel told him to sound angry all the time. I am tired of syndicated political junk. I find a station online with podcasts and WGN RUINS it.

    Thanks for the flip off to your listeners. This is a shark jump. Oh, and no email to contact people? Just FB? I HATE FB but do use it sometimes.


    Ticked off in Cincinnati

  • Sophiaz123

    WGN keeps posting junk on FB while OBVIOUSLY ignoring their complaints. I hate HIT AND RUN comments in social media. where folks tweet, facebook or blog and NEVER interact with comments. Businesses are famous for this.

    They should be ashamed of their new website design and trying to force feed us the pablum THEY CHOOSE us to hear via "sound bite podcast"

  • Judy.M

    This is such a sad time. Most of what I have loved about WGN is gone. I cannot stand to wake up to irritating noises. I've never warmed to Mike O. I will only listen to Garry, Nick, Bill L., Dean, and sports. Daytime, from 6am until 3pm are done!! 10pm until 1am are also done. This is all so crazy. I cannot believe how such a great station has fallen so low. Bye Bye!!

  • Nathan

    WGN…WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?! I’ve never seen a company so deliberately attempt to drive away consumers as you have with such an asinine move as this! I was a McConnell listener since 1993 and followed him to Chicago. I have a good friend that lives in Chicago and I visit him 3-4 times a year. I have patronized MANY of the businesses I have heard advertised on Mike’s podcasts. You have shot that advertising value all to hell. Bring back the full show podcast for McConnell. Until this happens I will boycott EVERY business I have ever learned about listening to WGN. This is absolutely ridiculous what you have done with your website. How did you make it this long by obviously completely ignoring your dedicated listeners?

  • Calypso

    Nick Digilio Biography. Okay so while checking the bio today, I noticed it is basically copied and pasted from Nick's Wikipedia page. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! How hard can it be for the station, owned by Tribune Co. to come up with their own copy?

  • Nina

    Improvements??? Where??? This new website has no news headlines or stories as it once did, it's hard to find your way around and is very user UNfriendly. So sad that this radio station and website have gone downhill. Where is the quality that WGN was once known for?

  • Joan

    What has happened to WGN??? Jonathan Brandmeier is terrible and so childish. Nothing intelligent or news worthy on his show!! I now have to listen to other stations to get the current news and other interesting items of the day. He is now going to be on the radio until 10AM…..nuts!!! At one time I was along time listener (40 yrs), and now I have gone elsewhere. I miss the days of Bob Collins and Spike O'Dell. I will say, I have enjoyed the 3 weeks that Brandmeier has been off. How about hiring Pete MacMurray for the morning show?

  • Rick

    Where's Mike's full podcast!!!!!! WGN seems to want to hide from its listeners…notice how there is no way to contact the personalities or program managers via emails. Also, no phone number (only to the contest line and call in) to their office. They knew this wasn't going to go over well. I called and asked to talk with someone, but was not allowed. The possible reason that was given on the short podcast was to save money. I even offered that I'd pay a bit for the rights to get the whole show…but it doesn't seem like it would cost too much to have a weeks worth of podcast on the site. run a few commercials in them and it pays for itself…kind of like commercial radio is supposed to.

  • Miri

    I am so incredibly sad to see a beloved radio station, one to which I have listened faithfully for so many years, slowly but surely self-destruct. With John Williams and Milt Rosenberg gone, the very last that made WGN720 special is now gone, no reason to listen anymore. The fact that you are doing snippets instead of full podcasts is regrettable, just another in a long string of bad decisions. I think that the core to all of this is that you yearn for a demography that you don't have, and will never have, instead of embracing the one that you do have. The eventual end is clear, you will have neither. WGN, if you want people to listen to YOU, you need to listen to US. Unfortunately, up to now, you have been tone deaf. Once you figure out that this is not working, there will not be anyone left to listen to. This is a great case study for graduate school on how NOT to manage a radio station. Dump the media consultants, listen to your audience.

  • Fran

    Tried very hard to get used to Johnny B. Just not working. Waking up to his type of radio just does not cut it for me. It's been downhill since Spike and now with John Williams gone…thank goodness for Mike McConnell and Garry Meier..

  • Don S.

    Very disapointed with the "new" format on the web site. What happened to the good stuff WGN was known for? It was a lot easier to navigate the old website before the change. And Jonny B. sounds more like a sixtth grade dufus trying to make "jokes"? Why you would let Milt leave is beyond me. He was probably the most intelligent one on the radio in the Chicago area. WGN, you really messed up.
    Regretfully leaving WGN after more than fifty years of good listening. Adios.

  • Lynne Arons

    I turned on WGN after a long time of not listening, and I was so appalled at what I hear. It was promo for one of your hosts and he was making fun of the conjoined twins in Minnesota. This is what was considered a DRAW to you station! This was so immature, so insulting and so uneducated,I thought I was hearing it wrong, that there would be some redeeming statement at the end. This is something you would scold a child for doing, and you chose that as your commercial to have people listen. I see I made the correct decision months ago. You should apologize to those girls, who show more dignity in their everyday lives than any of your current hosts.

  • Judy

    Who the heck was that woman on the noon show today? She needs education. She was complaining about President Obama and what he's done to the country financially and how we would be like Germany and Spain. Germany? You obviously have no idea what you are talking about but what I am hearing is idiocy and right leanings, and, worst, right leanings that are not based on fact. Are you teaming up with FOX? The sliver of my day during which I can listen to WGN is getting downright tiny. I miss John Williams! Gary has no interest in going the political route. Sports night is good for me. John was the best.

  • Mark

    Hey WGN… Are you reading these comments? Starting to get the drift? There is little reason to listen to your station any more.

  • Kay

    I love Nick, Garry, Sport's Night and Dean Richards. I still miss Kathy and Judy.
    John will be missed. Lou on Saturday morning is a joy. The bad news is that your
    Morning programming really sucks!

  • john

    whats with the lack of full podcasts? put the commercials in, you can make money. I will no longer listen while in the car, the only place that i have a an AM radio any more. If you are going to go back in time, why not just run replays of Wally.

  • Justin

    Love WGN, however why the need to change the website and where is the news? I concur why the change? The previous website was great.

  • Jacki

    I had given up on WGN when Johnny came on board, he is loud, crude, offensive and not nearly as funny as he thinks he is! Ahard way to start the day. But this past week has been great. If Johnny comes back I am gone. Not that will matter very much, but I speak for for a number of people.

  • Mike

    Sad incite into what WGN has to offer from this point forward. Loosing too many of the items on website and radio personnel that made stay loyal for YEARS!

    Getting hooked at WLS and NPR.

    Management should reconsider their options.

  • jeanette

    Is there anyone left at WGN with an I.Q. over 100?????? They better get their resume in order!!!!
    Intelligence seems to have left the station!!!!! Management ..get the message, you are lousy and losing the good listeners who support advertisers.

  • Frank Mazzotti

    Stop censoring the best thing your radio station had going for it.

    Get your head out of your A@#$ from the corporate ivory tower thinking you made the decision you did.


  • Terry

    Bring back the full podcasts of shows. I miss the Mike McConnell shows during the day, but listen at night and on the weekends. I have listened to Mike for 20+ years on WLW and now WGN. These changes are not an improvement!

    Louisville, KY

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