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sitelaunchimageWelcome to the new WGN Radio website.

Along with the sites for our sister stations in Tribune Broadcasting, the move to this new site platform and design offers a number of significant improvements. Included among them are:

Responsive design: The new WGN Radio website will automatically adjust itself to display properly whether you are visiting from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet device like an iPad, or a browser on a smartphone.  The page layout will adjust depending on your device to provide the ideal interactive experience, yet all devices will share the same content.

Podcast improvements: The previous version of our site had some weaknesses when it came to podcasts, including the inability of podcasts to play on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and podcasts not appearing in site search results.  These flaws have now been corrected.  In addition, we have streamlined our podcast offerings.  Shows will now focus on bite-sized segments to allow you to get directly the best portions of your favorite programs.

Clutter-free design: One of the most frequent comments we heard from you regarding our previous site was that it had too much clutter, especially on the front page.  The new site removes all the clutter.  There are fewer items and those that remain are larger and easier to navigate.  The front page is divided in to a top section with our biggest items of the moment, followed by an ever-changing section that will update throughout the day as new podcasts and other items are added to the site. Links to interact with show hosts via Facebook and Twitter are also prominently displayed throughout the site.

As with any major change like this, we expect to be making adjustments over the weeks ahead, and look forward to your feedback during that process.  Send your comments to comments@wgnradio.com or call 312-222-3879. Due to the volume of calls and e-mails, we may not be able to personally reply to all messages. We hope you enjoy this new look and continue to visit wgnradio.com and listen to The Voice of Chicago, 720 WGN!


  • Trish

    This new format is TERRIBLE!!!!! Change it back to what it used to be. The saying goes "If it isnt broke, don't fix it"

  • Tye

    WHERE ARE THE PODCASTS and all the personal pages for the on air personalities? What a HORRIBLE "improvement"!!!!!! Looks like things are going downhill quickly @ WGN!

  • Gedge

    Did you guys also come up with New Coke in 1984? What happened to the old podcasts?
    Bad enough that Dr. Milt is being pushed out and you alienated John Williams. Now this.
    Who cares about WGN anymore? Not me.

  • Charles Bryan

    I hope that if you're not willing to host Milt's archives, that you would at least let someone else do it. I hope you haven't erased the files. What a waste if you did.

    • Joan

      This is a horrible web page. Very hard to navigate, takes forever and who want to see these huge pictures. We are not blind. Making huge mistakes in getting rid of some great air personalities or maybe they are better off not being at WGN anymore. If you decide to cut anymore personalities cut that Johnny B. His shows are ridiculous and that's something you don't want to hear first thing in the morning and to think he replaced Gregg. I think whoever hired Johnny B. should be on his way out.And if your going for the younger generation they don't listen to the radio let alone AM.

  • Barbara

    The Dumbing down you are doing it so well, Why not start listening to your listeners comments, Has anyone said lately that the station is doing a good job, Now even the web site sucks. We will miss Milt and that format.

  • Jonathan

    Thanks for letting us know in advance that the full podcasts would be taken down. As with all your other changes you sure have taken care of the listeners first……How such a special station has been able to turn off so many people in just a few weeks time is amazing. I hope that someday WGN will be listenable again. Until then, good bye.

  • Roberta Hilliger

    Continuing with my opinion- I love Brian Noonan and Gary, they are fun and have entertaining and fun shows.
    Losing John Williams and Milt is having you lowering your expectations of your audience. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING??
    Mike won't listen to his coworkers, the other day he said he never heard of a song, then when they started it, he didn't even put the two together and complained about why music was playing. He is often arrogant, bless his heart.. I was only listening because it is on my car radio for
    Garry and Sports night.

  • Ralph

    What became of late night hosts Steve and Johnny, Johnny and Steve. They even had their own theme song. Did they retire? Did they go to another station? What happened to the best radio show you ever had on WGN ?

  • FredB

    First it was Spike, then Cathy and Judy followed close behind. All of a sudden Steve and Johnnie were gone and now Milt. John Williams has only a few more days and then WGN Radio will be totally unrecognizable. I wonder who will listen to the nonsense when the real audience is gone elsewhere. The Baby Boomers may be aging but we are still the biggest market out there and we still have all the $$. What kind of advertisers will you be able to attract when your sum total of an audience is making minimum wage? Should have left a good thing alone. It wasn't broke so why did you try to fix it?

  • Cito

    You knuckleheads have lost me as a listener, and your sponsors have now lost me as a customer— Giving your highest rated talent ( Milt ) the bum's rush / heave-ho is reprehensible.

  • Brian

    Please bring back the full-show downloadable podcasts, particularly for Nick D. I would even welcome commercials in the podcasts, or a paid subscription option (not likely). I always try to catch as much live on the radio as I can, but I can't listen to every waking moment. The podcasts were a great way to catch up.

    With the new redesign and on-air schedule changes (and more likely to come), you just accelerated my full transition to Internet radio. Refer to Leo Laporte's TWiT network for an example of how it should be done online.

  • adwater

    Your competitors must love you! You are making their jobs so much easier when you keep lowering the bar for good radio and running off all of your listeners. There was a time (about two years ago) when GN was on all day long in my office…Those days are long gone. I tune in for John and that is it…After tomorrow my radio will play GN no more.

  • Tom S.

    I am now using the WBBM website for my news updates-it"s not as good as the OLD WGN site, but it's better than this new one! Check it out people.

  • Jan

    My husband and I DO NOT LIKE the new web site at all. Where is the list of news stories and videos?
    I am a long time listener and your web site was my home page. Because of this awful new web site, I will be looking for a new home page. I am very disappointed in this change, and from the looks of it, I am not the only one who doesn't like this new change.

  • steve

    Anyone who listens to your radio stations numerous advertisements expect at a minimum:

    1. Full length podcasts (including Milt Rosenberg's). Where are they??? Put them back up and if you plan to eliminate them, let us know by when and give us a minimum of 90 days.

    2. A web site that doesn't look like it was done to save money and is recognized as the "gold" standard in the industry

    3. Firing Milt is reprehensible. Now that it is done, I want a similar talk format or I'm through with wgn.

  • Dan

    Seriously what is the matter with you people? Bring back the full show podcasts and continue producing them. Here’s a crazy idea: get with the times!

  • caseymarie22

    I'm now a senior in college and have grown up listening to WGN. Words cannot express how I feel right now. Your new layout makes no sense and is extremely confusing. Not only will tomorrow be the last day I listen to WGN because my two favorites are leaving, but it looks by all these comments that I am not alone. When Spike came on and talked with Williams the other day I cried because I was so happy to hear him on the radio. Also, because I'm a college student I cannot listen to my favorites when they are on, therefore; I podcast. Now, you took that away. Now, I feel more homesick than ever. Thank you, WGN for the 21 years you have given me. If you aren't going to adjust your new lineup, atleast adjust the website.

  • Tom Kendall

    Okay, WGN suits, I get it. You don't want anyone with an IQ larger than his/her shoe size listening to your "new" WGN-AM.

    I had planned on downloading the podcast of Milt's final show, but you've thwarted me by deep-sixing all the podcasts. Since I'm a dinosaur (and proud of it) and don't know how to snatch an internet broadcast into a file, I've set up my ancient Proton 740 cassette tape deck and dug out two blank tapes from the back of the closet. (Casette tapes are only good for 90 minutes each, so I had to have two.) Back in the 1970's, THIS is how I saved "Extension 720"s that I particularly wanted to keep.

    Where there's a will, there's a way . . .

  • Ed. Floden

    No podcasts? I was wondering why Milt's last shows were not showing up in iTunes.

    With John Williams and Milt gone, the only interesting people on WGN are Paul Green and Orion; but without those podcasts, I've nothing to care about. I'm unsubscribing from all WGN podcast in iTunes, as soon as I finish the last Paul Green episode.

    Goodbye, WGN. You once were great; now you're just another mediocre AM talk station.

  • Jim

    Tossed out the podcasts like you did Milt – well lets change what WGN stands for, instead of World's Greatest Newspaper it now stands for We Got Nothing! Good bye WGN AM.

  • Pam Brauer

    Please bring back the full podcasts immediately. And, shame on you, WGN. I can’t really believe what has become of your station in the last couple of years. Oh, and this new and improved website is definitely NOT improved.

  • Joan M. Stockhoff

    When will the powers that be at WGN ever get it? People in the age group only listen to their station because it has become a family thing. They are completely destroying the family feeling that was at the station. They keep trying to replace the experienced personalities with younger inexperienced ones or people that cannot seem to hold a job for any length of time. The website is a mess and is missing all the important info that we have come to be able to find there. The fact that the podcasts are totally gone is a travesty. They were all historical if nothing else. It was like having a DVR for the radio and now that is gone too. None of this is an improvement. This was the station I counted on all my life – what are you doing to it and its website?

  • Ben

    Goodbye WGN.
    I am glad that I had the opportunity to listen to greats such as Wally Phillips, Bob Collins, Spike, Steve and Johnnie, Ed Schwartz, Milt, Roy Leonard, Mike Rapchak, John Williams, and many others. People like these hosts had meaningful radio shows and represented CHICAGO! I understand that times are tough for radio, however the management of WGN has destroyed the niche that it had exploited for many years and have made this once great radio station irrelevant. I have a little secret to tell you WGN management. The current radio show hosts are no different than what you can find at other struggling radio stations throughout the country. Any senior management can be followers, true senior management are innovative and find ways to cater to their customers or in this case audience. Mass turnover and changes that have been done with your internet site are a true sign of ineptitude. I understand that change is inevitable, but look at the radio hosts I have listed. These host's tenure have a span of about 40 years and my list includes some recent hosts. This is a sad day. Goodbye WGN. Senior management has dumbed down your station to the point that WGN is unlistenable.

  • Alex

    Calling removal of full podcasts an "improvement" is a joke and an insult. The implication is that WGN management thinks the people reading their site are so dumb and easily manipulated that they'll think less content is a good thing just because some marketing person wrote the copy.

    Despite what cynical executives think, people can see spin and BS from a mile away, and this approach of assuming listeners are stupid is absolutely repulsive. Not only do I no longer have any interest in WGN, but because of this insult to my intelligence, I actively hope they fail.

  • Carlton

    The " new and improved" website is very bad. The prior was easier to navigate and had way more information.

    Could you not have let Milt Rosenberg go with honors and accolades rather than let him just fade away without fanfare. Very disappointed in WGN/Tribune. What was once a premier radio station has devolved into mediocrity or worse. Bill Leff is terrible as well as Brandmeier's replacement this week.

    Except for Nick Digilio, who is underutilized, Meier,Richards and Brandmeier, the station is most terrible. Thank god for satellite

  • danspartan

    I live several states away and can only access content via podcasts. I also travel a lot for work, so downloading an hour (OK 40 mins) of content was perfect for driving, or listening in the hotel at the end of a long day.

    Funny thing is, its all bits and bytes. Snippets *could" be an enhanced option without taking away the option of full podcasts.

    So here is my pitch–please bring the full podcasts, I'd even listen to the commercials.

  • Josh

    LAME. LAME. LAME. Did anybody actually look at this site and try to navigate it before it went up? And all of the sister stations have this? Do any of those listeners get any of this? BOOOOOOO!

  • sally

    Who is this woman who will be on 12 – 1? Stupidest schedule ever. You should have hired Dahl for John's spot, get ride of McConnel (who argues constantly w/his listeners) and bring in Kevin Matthews, the old WLUP lineup that was so successful. I will miss John Williams so much, hope he left on his own and wasn't pushed out like you did to Milt.

  • JDH

    Not long ago WGN was on my radio all day. Not any more. You have taken a once great station with great personalityies and ruined it. Ever since Spike left it has been downhill all the way. The only good ones left are Bill, Nick, and Dean. I threatened to cross you off before but now with John and Milt gone it is the end for sure. Are you reading all of these negatives comments management?

  • David

    Good bye, John Williams. Bye bye Milt. Hello 21 century. It's a great day in Chicago radio. WGN has gone from that hoky folky or whatever all you old people called it, to the voice of ALL Chicagoans! Not just the old fans of Spike, and the girlfriends. Finally an AM station that someone younger then 55 can listen to.

  • Chad

    Snippets are not better than whole podcasts. Who sold this bill of goods to you? I don't care about the 'windows 8' design. It' s about CONTENT.

  • Andy

    Not impressed whatsoever by the "new" website. I think WGN Radio was "had" by the website design salespeople at WordPress.com VIP. In my world……sad to say that WGN Radio720 is no longer "The Voice of Chicago". Note to Jeff Hill……you may want to update the station's slogan for 2013 to be "The Once Proud Voice of Chicago".

    Also, not interested in the new "replacement" talent. Bankrupt or not, locally culled talent is appreciated by Chicagoans, not "fresh" voices from the West Coast or Cincinnati. Didn't the station learn that lesson with Greg Jarrett? Sometimes reinventing the wheel to modernize it is not necessary……and is that ever a true statement for WGN Radio720 heading into 2013.

  • Michelle

    This new site is horrible. The google ads in the middle are annoying. I don't like the snippets of the shows. I prefer full Mike McConnell podcasts! I only went on your website before for the full McConnell podcasts. I love his interviews but love his comments on everything else. This new site blows!

  • Ken

    Radio stations need to learn that we are thier customers to thier business. Without us there is no WGN 720.Stations need to catier to what will bring listeners to thier stations.These steps that WGN 720 have taken is not doing this.Learn from other radio mistakes that are no more or barley alive on radio.Ken

  • Helen Aden

    Don't know who you are aiming for as listeners and viewers but I think you are failing. no news, no personal insights. I'm searching for another station to replace the old WGN. Too bad.

  • Eva Laatz

    There is no reason to listen to WGN until 3pm now that the schedule has been altered. I love it when JB and MM are on vacation!!!! Their replacements are 100% better. Love Nick,Dean and the Sports Central group. Wish I could hear them at a more opportune time. Will miss Milt – a man who can speak in compound and complex sentences. Will miss John Williams desperately!!!!

  • Daniel

    Do not like the new podcast format. I will now be missing Bill Leff since I usually was sleeping. The podcasts were great when other programming was occuring.

  • Guest

    I am one of those listners who gets caught up with podcasts once a week. Just found out that Milt is gone and cannot even get podcast of his last show. Clutter-free design, huh? It seems the clutter was the intelligent radio shows that improved my brain. You can add me to one more on the clutter list, because I am moving over to WBEZ full time now. Hope your advertisers don't need my money. Bye WGN!

  • Kevin Smirz

    If GN is trying to attract a new demographic you are failing miserably. I am 25 and have been listening for about five years now. I will miss King John terribly but I totally understand why he is moving on to CCO permanently. My advice to GN management is listen to your audience and dump Brandmeier, I cannot stand to keep my radio on in the morning. Also, seriously, MORE McConnell? Don't get me wrong, I occasionally enjoy bits of his show, but two separate shows every day?! No thanks, I will be following the King to WCCO via the internet.The only shows keeping me from permanently turning off WGN are Garry, Bill Leff, Lou and Sports Night.

  • Lois Cipalo

    I'm sorry to see John Williams go, also Milt– what a loss! I hope you do something with eliminating Johnny B–I miss Spike, Kathy and Judy ( why no women?)

  • Mateo

    Someone in upper management must be sleeping with whoever designed this new site! I hope they are good in bed too because they absolutley suck at web design! Oh yeah and you know how i would find the "snippits" that "i" want to listen to…? FAST FORWARD jackasses! Let ME decide what i want to listen to and what i dont. If i cant get my daily dose of McConnell and others i am just going to have to take my ipods and go play somewhere else. And whats all the BS about the inability to play the podcasts on iOS devices!? I have had NO problems on any of my devices…that is until all these new "improvements"!!! I think i have a new definition of who "the 1%ers" are… People who actually like WGN's new website.

  • Matt@spank6

    AMEN to the 99%ers above!!! Its all about the all mighty dollar,Spikes departure made me sad. But then sadness turned to pure disbelief! Kathey and Judy,Steve and Johnny,John Williams,Steve Cochrane,Dr. Milt Rosenberg.ETC,ETC,ETC. Its obvious managment cares not what the listening public thinks,Im hanging on only for Garry Meier and Orion,When they go, I go….Maybe AM 780, they still carry the Bears dont they?….another ball wgn dropped!!!!

  • Pat

    The new changes are awful: no full podcasts, no availability to email hosts and producers, and no Milt, less Bill Leff. I am so disappointed. I stayed a listener through the last overhaul, but not this time. My change will be to a different station.

    • Maria

      Guess they are, Pat……..serious. The website is certainly not an improvement, as is the new schedule. It looks like they are making an attempt at saving money while appealing to the 20-30 year olds…………What they don't seem to understand is that the "boomer" generation are the ones with the disposable income. Good luck w/ your advertisers GN……….because I won't be listening thus not purchasing products from those that sustain you. My husband & I always had the radio on GN from morning to night ( fell asleep w/ it & woke up w/ it )……..I'm afraid w/ the new schedule, we will now be looking elsewhere. I don't need Mike on twice a day, nor once a day……..and I REALLY don't need Jonathan B. to be screaming at me. Enough said………GN should have made a better product to entice more folks to listen……not rid themselves of the talent that had people coming back for more.

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