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sitelaunchimageWelcome to the new WGN Radio website.

Along with the sites for our sister stations in Tribune Broadcasting, the move to this new site platform and design offers a number of significant improvements. Included among them are:

Responsive design: The new WGN Radio website will automatically adjust itself to display properly whether you are visiting from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet device like an iPad, or a browser on a smartphone.  The page layout will adjust depending on your device to provide the ideal interactive experience, yet all devices will share the same content.

Podcast improvements: The previous version of our site had some weaknesses when it came to podcasts, including the inability of podcasts to play on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and podcasts not appearing in site search results.  These flaws have now been corrected.  In addition, we have streamlined our podcast offerings.  Shows will now focus on bite-sized segments to allow you to get directly the best portions of your favorite programs.

Clutter-free design: One of the most frequent comments we heard from you regarding our previous site was that it had too much clutter, especially on the front page.  The new site removes all the clutter.  There are fewer items and those that remain are larger and easier to navigate.  The front page is divided in to a top section with our biggest items of the moment, followed by an ever-changing section that will update throughout the day as new podcasts and other items are added to the site. Links to interact with show hosts via Facebook and Twitter are also prominently displayed throughout the site.

As with any major change like this, we expect to be making adjustments over the weeks ahead, and look forward to your feedback during that process.  Send your comments to comments@wgnradio.com or call 312-222-3879. Due to the volume of calls and e-mails, we may not be able to personally reply to all messages. We hope you enjoy this new look and continue to visit wgnradio.com and listen to The Voice of Chicago, 720 WGN!


  • Shelby

    So you replaced full show podcasts with snippets and call that an improvement? I don't think so. Give me back my full 3 hours of McConnell.

    • #Disappointing

      I completely agree. I listen to Nick Digilio primarily through the uncut pod casts. I went to go stream it from his page and noticed that nearly all of his back catalog of shows is pulled. These are not improvements at all.

    • calypso

      Where are the archives? Where are Nick's past top 10 movie lists, producer blog, photos, etc. There is not one positive comment on this board. A redo is fine, but why remove so much content….It's CRAZY

      • EdF

        Cant agree more with everyone about the podcasts. I live out of state and listen to live to Nick's as much as possible online, but relied on the podcasts for the shows I missed. I never would have found WGN or Nick's show if not for the podcasts.. this is such a bad move.

    • Dirk Diggler

      O.K. – How many comments must be posted before you put the FULL SHOW podcasts back on the website? The best parts of Mike's show are when he has no guests and he is not talking about a topic, but when he is rambling and telling stories and talking to Andrea and Steve. This is what we miss without the FULL SHOW podcasts. Just tell us the number of requests you require before you put the FULL SHOW podcasts back and we will meet that requirement.

    • Lynn

      totally agree!!!! went from concise news and sports sites to a format that is cumbersome and difficult to navigate. change can be good but this is awful.

  • JFM

    You lost your way WGN and your listeners. Listen to us, not your media consultants. You were a special place in your listeners hearts. No longer. You messed up big time. You are just another place to hear noise now. Good bye.

  • Mel

    Hate…Hate….Hate…This new webpage! Who designed it…..I wouldn't hire them to design anything!
    I am not "blind" so I don't need larger type ….I can still "read" so I don't need large pictures. I can still "hear" so where are the podcasts? It seems more cluttered…not less.

  • Don

    Where the heck are the podcasts? I can't find any of them and want to hear the whole show, not just bite sized segments. This new sites is what bites.

  • jay

    podcasts with bite size bits —-WTF…….now what am I supposed to listen to? I too need a full dose of McConnell!

  • jerry

    Jeff "Down" Hill, I will not tune into your "radio station." And will go out of my way to tell my family and friends how bad this "station" has become…will always miss Milt, John, Steve and Johnnie, and Spike.

  • Heather H.

    Add my voice to the choir, I come to WGN to listen to the full show podcasts, now I have to settle for a snippet, and only one or two at that??? I don't mind the "clutter" of the last website design. It gave me more choices. Just like the newspaper, more photos, less content. This is horrible!

  • Roberta Hilliger

    as recent as within the last week I searched all over your site and it doesn't have your new phone #, I had to listen until Nick gave it. Why don't you give us time to say good bye to Milt? I heard he was leaving soon but I don't know why. Why is Greg Jarrett listed in when wgnradio is googled? I don't see any updates I am happy about so far.
    My dad used to call guys like you a bunch of clowns. Now that John is gone, I am only interested in hearing Professor Paul on podcast. I listen to Nick, Garry, Dean and Sportsnight. No longer is WGN a given playing on my radio, as it was when I grew up.
    I hope you didn't pay much money for Bradenmeyer or whoever he is, talking about farts and noises regarding them when audience just waking up takes absolutely no talent at all.
    You have carved a shitting radio line up.
    Your subs are busy announcing who they are instead of getting on with news and call ins. Bad Radio!!!

  • Peter

    I mostly used the website for access to podcasts. It was so much easiier to go to the particular radio personality, then click on and listen to a WHOLE segment (with commercials removed) and have a coherent listening experience. It was also to find a particular subject by looking at the date listed, with newest first. Add to that, often there were links to websites pertaining to the guest within the podcast page.

    I'm very disappointed with these "improvements."

  • Tom Kendall

    Among your other "improvements" you wiped out Milt Rosenberg's archive of podcasts? You don't even have the decency to wait until after his last show? I thought what Pig Virus did to WGN was loathsome, but the current management has hit a new low that would be inconceivable even to him.

    I'm self-employed, so I get to listen to what I want. Ten years ago, WGN used to be on my office system nearly from 8:00 AM through 11:00 PM on weekdays, and for many hours each day during the weekend. Now, WGN will only be on for occasional Sports Nights, and sports broadcasts.

    Clearly you people are clueless when it comes to satisfying listeners. When you honk us off, we go elsewhere.

    For the most part, adios, WGN.

    • Pete

      WGN is now a joke. Brandmeier and Mc Connell are sub standard.. You ran out John Williams, replaced him in the morning 2 years ago,fired the guy who replaced John while he was moving in to his new Chicago home. That was 2 years ago. Do you people know what your doing???????
      By by WGN.

  • prbabb

    Dr. Milt Rosenberg had the most intelligent program on radio. The rest of the WGN line up is so dull. I do hope Milt finds a new home. Tossing all of his archives is a terrible waste. Goodbye WGN.

  • Bill

    This web page is trying to follow the new model from Windows 8. The designs are based on simple colors and changing blocks that are supposed to ease the flow for the web page. When WGN was my parents station it was leader now it is a follower. Not sure if the full podcasts are gone for good. But from what I see above is it looks like many of us are upset you have removed them. Why dont they try to find a way to make money from them? When punish those that are loyal to your statio. Looks like the new management is making some poor choices.

  • Jessica

    Talk about the dumbing down of America. Well WGN has sure accomplished that. Johnny B acts like a kid with behavior disabilities. You have dumped Milt. Why couldn't you have hired Bill Mohler for John or one of those guys who fills in? Anybody would be better than more of Mike McConnell. I long for the days of Bob Collins and Spike O'Dell. WGN used to be entertaining. How the mighty have fallen.

      • just for birds

        I too agree – Johnny B is overpaid- all noise and no content- arrogant as well. I now listen to NPR or WBBM 780 in the morning. Cannot stand the Johnny B. Does not say much for American intelligence that he has any listeners at all. I will miss Milt.

      • 40something demo

        The hiring of Brandmeier seemed like the beginning of the end of WGN. The December 2012 changes were confirmation.

  • Roberta Hilliger

    I am sad I don't leave WGN on but it's not the only radio station you guys–go to BBC Radio podcasts, hundreds of them and all varieties. Hint-try Desert Island Discs, celebrities pick 5 songs they would want on a desert island and why, Dustin Hoffman just did a show..really listenable show. Try Talk of the Nation on NPR or World Have Your Say-try Daily Mayo and Graham Norton.

  • Pam Courshon

    hate the new look…..I may not have a degree in IT but I sure can read and prefer it to big pictures. Now lets see….I can't check the website for the latest breaking news…guess I will have to go elsewhere…and now will only listen to Bill Leff (he is so entertaining and enjoyable ) and Garry.

  • Bill

    I used to listen to WGN all the time, in the last few years it has become less and less. Now you destroy your website…….I hate the new website and will find my web news elsewhere now.. I hate to say good bye, but its time to.

  • j morrissey

    I've tried to be patient with your changes but the terrible new website and loss of
    podcasts (particularly Milt's) are the final straw. Good luck with your "younger
    listeners" who probably don't much listen to AM radio.

  • Gabe

    I can't believe more Mike McConnell. He belongs on WLS not WGN. Now that John Williams is leaving, there isn't much to listen to on GN during the day, other than Garry. Pretty sad.

  • Linda Sue Johnson

    "Extension 720 with Milt Rosenberg is utterly implausible radio. You won’t hear anything, anywhere, quite as stimulating or quite as fascinating." says WGNradio.com and yet they are getting rid of him. But they got it right…..You won't hear anything, anywhere – now including WGN radio – quite as stimulating or quite as fascinating. IOW, WGN, YOU SAID IT!

    Read more: http://wgnradio.com/extension-720-with-milt-rosen
    Read more at http://wgnradio.com/extension-720-with-milt-rosen

  • Roberta Hilliger

    Milt did a kick ass Chicago Blues and more show last night, no wonder they grabbed it, makes the rest of the station look shabby. Two years ago it was cruising-get Kathy and Judy in there and it was perfect.

  • Jan

    I listened to wgn radio for over 40 years. It was something I could rely on like so many others did. I don't listed to wgn radio much anymore because the changes that were made created a station that seem all that relevant anymore. I've gotten news from wgnradiocom for the last 7 or 8 years and thanks to these most recent changes it no longer seems relevant either

  • Dominick's MIKE!!!

    Ladies and gentlemen of WGN Radio BRASS. Are you kidding me? Go Back to the old design and incorporate these unwanted snippets. Thanks

  • Sylvia Ramsay

    I don't like your new home page. It is all in big size as for children, and the content is gone. Where are the audio and video archives for Extension 720? Are you planning to charge a subscriber's fee? I can't believe that you are going to deny your listeners that wonderful resource. I am disgusted enough that you want to end the program, but removing the archives is nauseating. Do you want to just have sports and adolescent gab?

  • Ann

    I used to check your site daily for Chicago news and breaking Chicago news, but I don't see anything like that on this new website. I used to listen to WGN all day. Now I tune in during the 3-7 segment with Garry Meier only. Jonathan Brandmeier is not the kind of program that I want to listen to as I start my day ~ his antics are ridiculous.

  • RDC

    The new website format is terrible. Too much clicking about to find anything. I used to like the home page for a quick "look-see" what was going on in the news and weather. Now, I had to click everywhere to find the news. Most of the changes at WGN radio are not good. You are losing me for more and more of the day. I will not spend even more time looking for things I used to see easily. There are other places on the internet to do so more easily.

  • Rich

    Hey WGN suits! What were you thinking here? Rather than lean on a few "design" consultants who think they know best, why not take a logical cue and listen to the people that are telling you directly what they don't like—your users; the people who are commenting here (and probably elsewhere); the listeners your advertisers want to attract to their messages. Is it just me, or does this new look make no organizational sense? Have some technical improvements you say? Fantastic, why not just incorporate them into the previous web infrastructure? By doing what you've done here, seems to me you've done anything but move forward. I lived for your archives and podcasts. Now they're either gone or your new design has made them impossible to find (??). Either way, whomever green lit this approach dropped the ball. True, change is good as they often say. But if considering this facelift, I'd have to say just the opposite.

  • Pam

    I tried this site again this morning and the cover page under "news" is all Nick Digilio??? Give me a break!!! Nothing else happened in the world or in Chicago overnight? Sorry to hear John is leaving but maybe it really is better for him. Will Garry and Bill be next? I s this the end of WGN???

  • Gentianvio

    Insulting, patronizing crap that seems to be aiming for the lowest common denominator audience. You had a good thing with the site and the lineup, but now? Nice going, suits.

  • Roberta Hilliger

    hey, they took my BBC podcast suggestions comment off, what a surprise..it is almost 9 am, time to listen to John Kass on WLS, then John Williams at noon.

  • Judi

    This new site is terrible! Cant find anything quickly. Why are you destroying WGN??? New is not always BETTER! Ratings going down? Cant any of the BIG BRAINS figure out that all the changes have done that. Too bad the BIG BRAINS have taken this station down. Isnt there anyone in the BIG OFFICE that is a Chicago person?

  • Skippy

    Finding a new site to get my Chicago news, HATE this update. Horrible to navigate, takes too long to load, and don't need to see the same picture 8 times on the home page.

  • NCG

    I guess you guys have so many listeners, you can afford to loose some. Longer podcasts, not snippits. I'll give you a little time to square things away, but once I tune away, I won't be back. You guys need serious help.

  • tom

    what market is WGN trying to target? you wont have to worry there wont be anyone listening
    now if only the Cubs could be on another station I wouldnt have to turn on WGN!

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