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sitelaunchimageWelcome to the new WGN Radio website.

Along with the sites for our sister stations in Tribune Broadcasting, the move to this new site platform and design offers a number of significant improvements. Included among them are:

Responsive design: The new WGN Radio website will automatically adjust itself to display properly whether you are visiting from a desktop or laptop computer, a tablet device like an iPad, or a browser on a smartphone.  The page layout will adjust depending on your device to provide the ideal interactive experience, yet all devices will share the same content.

Podcast improvements: The previous version of our site had some weaknesses when it came to podcasts, including the inability of podcasts to play on iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) and podcasts not appearing in site search results.  These flaws have now been corrected.  In addition, we have streamlined our podcast offerings.  Shows will now focus on bite-sized segments to allow you to get directly the best portions of your favorite programs.

Clutter-free design: One of the most frequent comments we heard from you regarding our previous site was that it had too much clutter, especially on the front page.  The new site removes all the clutter.  There are fewer items and those that remain are larger and easier to navigate.  The front page is divided in to a top section with our biggest items of the moment, followed by an ever-changing section that will update throughout the day as new podcasts and other items are added to the site. Links to interact with show hosts via Facebook and Twitter are also prominently displayed throughout the site.

As with any major change like this, we expect to be making adjustments over the weeks ahead, and look forward to your feedback during that process.  Send your comments to comments@wgnradio.com or call 312-222-3879. Due to the volume of calls and e-mails, we may not be able to personally reply to all messages. We hope you enjoy this new look and continue to visit wgnradio.com and listen to The Voice of Chicago, 720 WGN!


  • Paul

    Hallelujah! Finally, a wrong is being righted! Our small corner of the world is returning to normal. McConnell is gone! At least off the air. And Kevin Mangelas tenure is being eradicated, & way over due.
    It's unbelieveable how that one man could make such poor choices, & almost destroy a long revered radio station. With all the bad news we hear on a daily basis, it's good to hear an old friend is coming back. Hopefully long time listeners will retrun when they hear the news.

  • Jack Bighouse

    FIx the website. I have to go to CRM to find out what is going on at your station. Please include a "What's New" section and start "Tooting your own Horn"

  • Lester Richardson

    Just want to thank you for bringing back some of our old favorites. We're once again listening to WGN. We had to stop for a while because we weren't fond of some of your emcees.

  • Terry

    New schedule still needs tweaking. Totally get it, you want your older listeners back, but you could've and still can do that with out relegating one of the best radio shows in the country to a podcast. Johnny is on every device in the world except THE RADIO which is what he's meant to be on, especially in the car. You know – Morning drive? I like Cochran but he should be on after Johnny. Perfect mid day. You replaced 5 hours of right wing middays with 6 hours of cute and coupley . Middays have gotten sticky sweet on GN. 3 hours is okay. 6 straight ? Total overload. On the next tweak do this.

    6:00 – 9:00 Johnny
    9:00 – 12:00 Steve
    12:00 – 3:00 Bob & Maryanne
    3:00 – 7:00 Gary
    7:00 – 10:00 Kap
    10:00 – 1:00 Bill & Wendy
    1:00 – 6:00 Nick

    That is a solid line up with no holes and it will satisfy both old and new listeners. You need to get Johnny back on, it's an insult to waste talent like that.

  • Betsy

    I was just listening to your station. There was a commercial (teeth whitener) & then someone was starting to say something about Kristallnacht, the beginning of the Holocaust (today is the day to commemorate that horrible event). Someone talked for maybe 1 minute (or less) & then the report was cut off & the same teeth whitener commercial was played. What happened to the comments regarding Kristallnacht? I find that much more important than a product to whiten my teeth. That made me very angry. Do you have an explanation?

  • Ryan

    Hey, heard that the void left by Ron’s passing could possibly be filled by Gracie! That would be great! He is a hero/legend to cubs fans of my era. I vote for Grace!! Go Cubs 2014!!!!!

  • Lorraine Buehler

    I woke up at 6:00am on Sunday to listen to The Lutheran Hour. When I turned on the radio The Lutheran Hour was just ending its program. Please advise what time it will be on next Sunday.

  • K. Owen

    Lou, you cannot possibly believe that a 40 year old redwood harvested this year is going to have the same natural durability, strength and depth of heartwood of a 100 year old tree? Cost of the superior grades, needed for redwood to last and not available in Chicago, is almost double cost for WPC and 4times more expensive than treated. Natural Durability testing with ASTM standard tests have not been done on new growth redwood, cedar or cypress. Details, Lou, details.

  • Jane Jankowski

    So you put the Blackhawks broadcast on the "sister station" which is intermittent at best while driving around the city? Wow, the only team that has won the whole thing in the past couple of years, and they get pushed off the blow torch to a station that can't broadcast in the city? I thought having to listen to WIND was bad, at least that station had some amps behind it. Not happy with the new arrangement. Yes, I know for the finals we got to hear our guys on WGN,

  • Patrick McGuire SR

    We have 40 people going to Nashville for the last game of the season we are leaving from Morgans on Maxwell Friday Morning and returning on Sunday we are in the 300 level and will all be in red

  • Mike Currier

    I could go on and echo all of the comments already listed, but since they've been voiced already I'll through in my complaint. I just wanted to send an email to Kathy and Judy to invite them to a Guinness World record attempt, but no where in this site is there a place where you can contact anyone short of listening to their show and trying to call in, How stupid is that! You cab sign up for tweets and hook up with the Facebook page, but you can't contact any of the personalities outside of the show. I agree that WGN has lost track of what had made them great.

  • BarbaraErickson

    I have been very happy with the NEW WGN — except for Bob Sirott. When he comes on I change my radio station. Often I then forget to retune when Gary is on. I would listen all day if it weren't for Sirott.

  • Branty Harris

    last night being 5/6/14 you chose to air the cubs and white sox instead of the blackhawks who are in the play offs.either you have no idea what your listeners want to hear or you just dont care.neither the cubs or white sox are going any where.they are both bad.no one wants to hear them when the blackhawks are in the play offs.this is not the first time you did this,you did the same thing last year.GET A CLUE!!!!!!, if you cant figure it out quit,or some one should fire you because you have no idea what we the public want.oh by the wat I am a cubs fan but play offs take precedent over season any time.

  • Arlene Quinlan

    PLEASE DON't take Garry Meier off WGN RADIO. Myself and many of my friends age 55 and older listen to him faithfully on our drive home from work every day. He helps make the ride bearable after a long day at work. I don't have a smart phone and don't intend to get one. If you can't put him on the Fm station then give him back to us on the AM station. I think you would do better putting Bill & Wendy on the app. I think they would do better there

  • Rose Hermanns

    Where, oh where is Garry Meier at 3:00 p.m. on 720 WGN A.M.? His irreverence brought many a chuckle to my life versus the fluff on the dial at this time. These replacements are okay in the a.m., but not later in the day. I do not need bickering between partners after a long day.

  • . William G. Miller

    Im a big WGN radio fan since the early 70's. Its always been a big part of my life and day. I drive around a lot and also run and do many things where I use a small radio and headset to listen to your station. Ive listened to Gary Meyer through out his career. It was great when he started working at my favorite radio station. But now hes on some computer station that I cant listen to in my car or when Im running. I think this is a great mistake and Ill miss listening to Gary. To bad.

  • Brian Johnson

    Bad move replacing Gary Meier. He's the only reason I tuned into WGN. I'll still visit Chicago and spend money there, but not with any of your advertisers. Consider me an ex WGN listener from here on out.

  • joy

    Very disappointed in losing the Garry Meier show, 3-7. I will not be listening to your station on the way home anymore. The new broadcast is boring at best. Sorry, but you took away Johnny B in the AM (I still follow him on 87.7) and now Garry. You are losing a longtime listener.

  • Marlene Kramer

    WGN. . .you are my heroes. I love the new changes. Love hearing my favorite personalities again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    And losing baseball. I will not miss it. You are my go to venue all the time now. I couldn't be happier.

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