Pat Hughes

The Cubs’ radio voice remembers some unforgettable moments from the late Ron Santo through “Baseball Voices.”


Pat Hughes

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  • Disgruntled Fevered

    Pat. The new season starts today. New ….. ….. ….. as in never seen or heard before and as this is indeed how it is, will you be updating how you deliver to us listeners what is going on in the game and NOT iterating the same old tired worn out cliches you have forced us to hear every year for almost the past ten? GOD help us all and most refreshing it would be indeed.

  • Belvidere listener

    Disgruntled Fevered is way off base on this . Pat Hughes is the most entertaning and knowledgeable broadcaster I have ever heard. He has a sence of humor and can paint a word picture better than anyone else. He and Ron were a Duo that only comes around once and I count myself lucky to have heard their broadcasts.

  • Liz

    Pat is the absolute BEST! He has forgotten more about baseball than I will ever know. If you don't like what his broadcast involves, you do not have a sense of humor. Or you never heard him and Ron. Or heard him and Keith. Disgruntled, you really need to go away and leave Pat to us fans who absolutely love him.

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