Breast Cancer 2012

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breastcancer2012Dean Richards hosts the 16th annual edition of his multi award-winning breast cancer special. The live, three-hour town hall meeting examines where we are in the fight against breast cancer featuring a panel of the nation’s leading medical experts, moving survivor stories, resources for cancer patients, the latest research and more.


Hour 1:

Hour 2:

Hour 3:

Special guests include:

• Breast cancer survivor and actress Maura Tierney
• Dr. Kathy Albain, medical oncologist (specialty: breast cancer), Loyola University Medical Center
• Dr. Claudia Perez, DO, FACS Assistant Professor Surgery, Surgical Oncology, Loyola University Medical Center
• Deborah Cornwall, author of the new book Things I Wish I’d Known: Cancer Caregivers Speak Out
• LauraJane Hyde, Chief Executive Officer of Gilda’s Club Chicago

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Dean’s Guests Include:

Medical Expert: Dr. Kathy Albain – Medical Oncologist (Specialty: Breast Cancer) – Loyola University Medical Center – Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center
Medical Expert: Dr. Claudia Perez – Surgical Oncologist – Loyola University Medical Center – Cardinal Bernardin Cancer Center
Survivor – Maureen Bardusk and husband Joe Bardusk (Husband and Wife)
Maureen and Joe began their membership at Gilda’s Club Chicago in December 2010 following Maureen’s breast cancer diagnosis in the preceding October. An artist who was accustomed to spending the majority of her time at the couple’s home in Galena, Maureen canceled an artistic residency in Costa Rica to receive treatment at Northwestern.  Receiving treatment also meant spending more time in the city and adjusting to spending more time with with husband Joe, an architect in Chicago, who was living primarily in their Chicago condo.  Maureen sought membership at Gilda’s Club Chicago in order to participate in community (hers being in Galena) and to help maintain her physical and emotional balance. Joe wasn’t sure what he expected from becoming a member and later found his niche at the club along with befriending a member or two along the way.
Survivors: Pam Pozucek and Melissa Quintas (Mother and Daughter)
Pam`Pozucek, was first was diagnosed in 1997.  She had radiation and lumpectomy on the right side. Luckily, it was caught very early.  She would go for treatment every 3 then 6 months and then eventually once a year.  In 2009, she was diagnosed  with ductal carcinoma in situ, both times, not as serious as some and was medium aggression. They couldn’t radiate again so she had a mastectomy.  She wishes she would have done both sides as she didn’t know how great reconstruction can be.  She didn’t have to take her lymph nodes.  She feels like what she had is nothing like what her daughter, Melissa went through.  “I’m so lucky.  I would have taken it 10 times over.  As any mother can imagine….  I couldn’t even talk about it.”
Melissa Pozucek, daughter of Pam, was diagnosed in Jan. 2011.  Melissa always maintained a positive attitude. She had Her2 and it was in her lymph nodes.  She underwent one and a half years of chemo and double mastectomy with radiation.  She completed her chemo treatment in June 2012. Melissa’s cancer was fast agression.  Both Melissa and Pam saw the same doctor, Dr. Kevin Bethke.  As a result, Melissa has changed her diet and lifestyle completely.  She is now vegan.
Laura Jane Hyde – Chief Executive Officer – Gilda’s Club
Gilda’s Club Philosophy:  Gilda’s Club Chicago is a support community for men, women and children living with cancer, and families and friends. We offer a place where members join together to give and receive support. At Gilda’s Club we believe:
  • Our members living with cancer are the experts – and we listen and learn from them
  • As experts, our members offer each other support while learning how best to live with cancer
  • Cancer happens to the entire family and its social network, so club membership is extended to include all who are impacted by cancer. Each member develops a Customized Membership Plan to meet their needs. All are welcome

Gilda’s Club Chicago is located at 537 N. Wells Street (between Grand and Ohio). Our telephone number is 312.464.9900 and our FAX number is 312.464.1487. Our Clubhouse is handicap accessible.

Author: Deborah Cornwall

Book: Things I Wish I’d Known: Deborah J. Cornwall has been associated with the American Cancer Society and its Cancer Action Network as a volunteer leader since 1994, performing a variety of local, regional, and national roles and serving as a media spokesperson before audiences ranging from 16 to 30,000. Her passion to write this book was ignited by her interaction with cancer patients and caregivers at the Society’s AstraZeneca Hope Lodge Center in Boston. Professionally she consults with boards of directors and CEOs on leadership, CEO succession, governance, and change issues as Managing Director of The Corlund Group LLC.

Deborah’s book, Things I Wish I’d Known “offers a roadmap drawn by experienced travelers to help both caregivers and their patients to manage the decisions, logistics and emotions of the caregiving process for maximum benefit.
Link: I-SPY 2 is a clinical trial for women with newly diagnosed locally advanced breast cancer – Click here to visit their website

The Gateway for Cancer Research’s Annual Gala ‘Cures 2012’:  Tickets are sold out to attend the Gala, but you can still make a donation to support cancer research by clicking here