Egg Nog Pie

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For centuries men and women have wondered if there was a way to combine two of the greatest thing in the galaxy: egg nog and pie. Bill Leff has come to the rescue! In this podcast, he reveals his recipe to you and Hannah and Dane of Flavor HD.


Bill Leff’s Egg Nog Pie

Bill Leff’s Incredible Fantastic Delicious Egg Nog Pie and Baileys Pie Recipes

For centuries men and women have wondered if there was a way to combine two of the greatest things in the galaxy:  egg nog and pie!

Now I, Bill Leff, with the boys in the The Bill Leff Test Lab have formulated this treat – Egg Nog Pie.  You’re welcome!

To hear an audio version of this recipe, visit Bill Leff’s podcast section.


1 large package of instant vanilla pudding mix

1 1/3 cups of egg nog

1 cup of chilled heavy whipping cream

1 cup of chopped semi-sweet choclate (we recommend Bakers Brand)

1 8 inch choclate pie crust



A)  Combine the pudding mix and the egg nog in a medium size bowl, and stir them together thoroughly.

B)  In another bowl, use an electric mixer to beat the heavy cream.  Then pour the heavy cream into the pudding and egg nog mix, and blend it all together.

C)  Mix in 3/4 of a cup of the thinly chopped chocolate into the blend, and pour that into the pie crust.

D)  Sift the remaining 1/4 cup of chocolate over the top of the pie.  Refigerate for one hour.

E)  Eat entire pie.  Make another pie.


Bill Leff’s Equally Incredible Fantastic Delicious Bailey’s Pie

Follow the exact same instruction as the above Egg Nog Pie but instead of using 1 1/3 cups of egg nog, split that up as equal parts egg not and Bailey’s Irish Cream.  If you want it a little more potent, go a little heavier on the Bailey’s but not much more.  You can also remove the chocolate pieces if you so desire.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE:  You are not baking the alcohol out of this Baileys’ pie so this pie is NOT for kids.


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  • JHL

    Chocolate pie crust? Do you purchase this prepackaged? And is it already baked? If it needs to be homemade, do you have a recipe?

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